Clay medicinal properties, health benefits and precautions

clay hair - Clay medicinal properties, health benefits and precautions

y3 300x206 - Clay medicinal properties, health benefits and precautions Medical and cosmetic Clays

Clay, used as a medicine for a very long time.Destroy toxins and kill parasites, stop the bleeding, treat wounds, or as it is used to improve the condition of the skin, gastrointestinal problems, and used to treat other diseases. A popular material. Interestingly enough, they find evidence that supports some traditional beliefs about the health benefits of clay scientists.

Medical and cosmetic clays are usually white, gray, pink, red, Yesil, blue, sold as a powder that can be brown or black in color. Color clay mixed with substances such as plant materials, as well as existing depends on the identity of the minerals. Edible clays are usually in the health food market and some is mixed with the liquid to create a beverage station. More cosmetic clays available in stores.

What Is Clay?

Clay ore, is made from aluminum it’s phyilosilicate belongs to a family of minerals known as. “Phyllo”, which means that the minerals are arranged in layers on a sheet of similar. Different hair types have different fillosilikat includes aluminum.
Clay minerals are weathered and eroded rocks. In geology the “clay” according to the definition of the two are found as very fine particles smaller than a micrometer. A micrometer is one thousandth of a millimeter. Minerals in the soil on their own or can be mixed with other materials.
Most clay minerals that can absorb large amounts of water, and in this way may swell. Many of them also connect ions on the surfaces and then release the ions when the environment changes. An ion is an atom or an atom from the group consisting of an electrically charged particle. Clay minerals tend to have a negative charge, so that they are pulled most of the ions and positive metal ions. In nature, opposite charges attract each other.


A tour of eating clay geology. Jeofaji, clay, chalk, dirt or the ingestion of substances such as. In this way, eaten things normally condition called pica to be undefeated.
Pica is usually considered abnormal and pathological. For example, it may be a symptom of iron deficiency anemia. However, scientists, geology of pathological starting to think that instead of being an adaptation to meet the nutritional needs might be.
In the early stages of pregnancy some pregnant women, usually in the morning when they are sick, forced to eat the soil. In some cultures, women traditionally they eat clay at the moment. Minerals can provide the needs of the mother or the fetus, or toxins that can harm the fetus (and perhaps bacteria and viruses) is able to remove.
Take raw material from nature of soil, due to the presence of polluting substances can be dangerous.

What Is Bentonite?

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The decomposition of volcanic ash bentonite produced by a laser. The main component is a mineral called montmorillonite. The type of metallic ions of calcium and sodium ions to print two basic bentonite sodium bentonite calcium bentonite is rich in TR.
Bentonite in the food processing industry is used as a component in liquid and food packaging materials in order to clarify. For this reason, regularly very small quantities in our body fall.
Bentonite is not absorbed in the intestine and, according to an FDA report, when taken in small quantities GRAS (Generally Recognized as safe) substance. Small to moderate bentonit swallowed while considered harmless, it should be noted that large amounts may be harmful.

Possible Health Benefits Of Bentonit

Natural and alternative medicine, bentonite clay is often recommended for detoxification. However, scientific evidence to support these benefits is lacking. A bird or other animal to prevent the absorption of toxins in some hair types it appears bentonit did the same thing in humans, but that doesn’t mean this is a possibility. Even though bentonite is potentially useful for this purpose, researchers have to resolve the toxins, to identify concentrations that are both effective and safe are required.
Sometimes bentonite is used as a laxative. Defecation the intestinal contents is absorbed and can trigger water to collect. Bentonite can absorb a lot of water, and may swell to a large extent obstructing the bowels.

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The Possible Dangers Of Bentonit

Our gut high dose of bentonite, can absorb important nutrients by preventing them to use. At higher concentrations, inhibits their growth and prevents the absorption of vitamin A in laboratory animals. In addition, we need electrolytes such as potassium ions can absorb.
Another reason why toxic chemicals were dangerous and sometimes Clay a solid, liquid, or microbes that contain. Source and purity of bentonite supplementation it is therefore very important.
A doctor, even in cases where agree to the use of bentonite clay in a bowl or other medical including dosage are not exceeded it is important that the recommendation. If it’s help with a health problem the recommended dose, it was time to go to the doctor again.

Antibacterial Clays

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There is scientific evidence to support some of the health benefits of clays. For example, researchers at Arizona State University, showed that at least some of the clays in the laboratory, the bacteria are killed.
Researchers extract water from clay minerals Clays for isolating four different they did. Then, the extracts were MRSA and Escherichia coli bacteria (or E. coli) they investigated the effects on. Plot or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is resistant to common antibiotics including methicillin. Hospitals, nursing homes, and society in general is a serious problem. Can help people in some E. coli strains, but others can cause food poisoning or dangerous infections.
Metal ions bound to clay minerals researchers discovered that bacteria are killed. Experiments, certain concentrations of copper, zinc, cobalt and nickel ions killed E. coli showed. Copper, zinc and cobalt ions MRSA killed. Despite of the metal ions to destroy bacteria, pH, and temperature must be suitable for you.
The next step of the research in living organisms and laboratory equipment in the laboratory of the hair will have to see whether the same antibacterial benefits.

Kaolin and Bleeding

An old belief that may help to heal the wounds of the clay. In fact, even in the army, using gauze impregnated with clay. This is a very useful combat gauze gauze kaolin and the name of the hair is called. Combat gauze, can be used for the public as well as the military.
Kaolin, helps in the clotting of blood when a person is injured, thus preventing blood loss in the body. Blood clot when blood vessels are broken occur when a person is injured and that is a normal process. Prevent bleeding and dangerous blood pihtilasmal to prevent microbes entering the body of the person. A blood clot, called coagulation cascade the chain reaction takes place. For each reaction depends on the reaction to occur earlier in the chain. This is a vital step in the process of blood clotting Kaskade Kaolin enters and triggers.

clay - Clay medicinal properties, health benefits and precautions

Diarrhea kaolin and

Kaolin, water absorption due to some diarrhea medicine is used. A popular anti-diarrhea medicine brand Kaopectate. This although does not contain kaolin and pectin, bismuth subsalisilat instead of today. However, some of the kaolin used in medicine continue to be.
Kaolin for diarrhea may be helpful. However, such as bentonite, certain foods and drugs in the intestine can absorb. This is particularly problematic with respect a combination of kaolin and pectin.
Uncontaminated kaolin is considered safe when taken internally. Is not absorbed from the intestine into the bloodstream. Bentonite and kaolin clays, such as when you have eaten while it is generally safe, unless taken in excessive amounts (), a chronic inhalation in the form of a clay powder can be dangerous.

Hair and skin care

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It is known that the clay removed oil and dirt on the skin. Spilling also exfoliate the skin, the old cells removed from the surface of the skin and the emergence of the younger ones. Additionally, are said to be helpful in the treatment of acne.




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