Clothes That Are Damaging To The Health

High Heels - Clothes That Are Damaging To The Health

According to experts, some clothes is having a negative impact on our health. So, we must pay attention to the clothes we wear.


Some clothes can damage our health. So we have to be careful when choosing the outfit.Fashion clothes, we don’t have to just wear as a fashion statement. Choose the clothes that our health plays we shouldn’t.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, are affecting women’s health. By wrapping her legs tightly causing the formation of varicose veins and cellulite.

Skinny Jeans


High Heels

Women high-heeled a pair of shoes he can’t give. But it forces to the health of women’s feet in high heels. A bone spur, deformity, heel pain and sole cause of it. Why is this women’s high-heeled shoes should not wear constantly.

High Heels 1



Women’s clothes for a certain lack of underwear to wear G – string underwear model is causing illnesses. vaginal infection, irritation, and can lead to diseases like hemorrhoids. So should not wear women’s underwear.




Earrings are viewed as dangerous accessory. Should not be used with especially large and heavy hearts. Tears in ears can cause. Also can increase the risk of skin diseases such as eczema.



Shoulder Bag

Hang only with the support of the shoulders, hand carried, this bag is the model of back, shoulder, and back pain, it’s the cause. So, use or shoulder bags should be used by constantly changing direction.




Pants, skirt, dress clothing such as on the smallest of the belts we use also affect our health.Overly tight belts and causing the formation of varicose veins.



Synthetic fabric clothes

Synthetic fabric clothing should not be worn. Should not be in contact with the skin. These products instead of the cotton fabrics should be preferred.



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