Color Blindness About Unknowns

Color Blindness - Color Blindness About Unknowns

What is color blindness? What are the causes of color blindness? Color blindness is a hereditary disease? This is what you need to know about color blindness we have gathered our content.

Daltonizm (Color Blindness)?

Daltonizmcolor blindness. The visual cortex, in particular the lack of pigment molecules or it should be less than color blindness is called. This deficiency due to the inability to differentiate many colors the situation being experienced. In women facial0,6–0,8 % . For men, the rate is approximately 10 percent. Daltonizm in redYesil andblue colours are unable to distinguish one or a few. In general, color blindness is the ability to distinguish red and green, but in some people, the inability to distinguish the color blue shows. Generally very complete color blindness are not common.


Color blindnessinability to distinguish shades of color like the status of may be slightly less severe but could be too busy for any color. The inability to distinguish any colors is rarely the situation being experienced. These people have only black and white seeing as. Who have normal color vision feature to see all the other colors, three spectral colors, i.e., red, Yesil and blue mixes. Sensory cells in the retina, i.e., cone cells is responsible for this. These cells are working all day long.

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Daltonizm (Color Blindness) What Are Causes?

Color blindness is the exact cause is unknown , but color blindness is due to genetic reasons is a condition that develops. Genetic is experiencing due to migration. Color blind color blind people are more likely to be in the family. The nervous system is connected for reasons of color blindness may occur. Later some diseases can cause color blindness.


These diseases are diabetesParkinson’sAlzheimer‘schronic alcoholismleukemiaanemia , and glaucoma are identified as such. The use of drugs causes some color blindness also. Heartblood pressureinfectionsnervous disorders due to the drugs used can cause color blindness. Age visual disturbances are experienced due to causes many diseases. These diseases cataracts, can cause color blindness. Depending on the age yellowing of the lens of the eye leads to color vision deficiency. In some cases chemical or color blindness. The condition exposure to chemicals may create color blindness. Especially strong people who are exposed to chemicals in color vision deficiency is experiencing, but some can be treated in this situation.



What Are The Symptoms Of Color Blindness?

Usually color blindness is red and green against. However, some people may not be seen rarely in three colors. This type of color blindness total color blindness is called. Color blindness is not to see it. Color is a perception that is seen and by learning taught in childhood. For example, in childhood to black, black to white, white to are taught, this perception and this way it will remain. Color blind colors are usually shades of gray it sees in. Shades of gray as the color-blind another of red, gray, green, another grey, blue, grey, as they see it. The problem is that patients with color blindness of red, blue, green as can distinguish, can’t distinguish shades of these colors.

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What Is The Treatment For Color Blindness?

There is treatment of color blindness. Of young people who are color blind vocational elections during this discomfort doesn’t get in the way of professions to choose it would be useful. For example, a person who is color-blind fashion, textile or cables can be difficult to work with in the business. In recent years, which started to be producedChromagen colored lenses as some thanks to the color-blind are able to distinguish colors better.

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Color Blindness What Is The Test?

Ishihara color test by ophthalmologist and Yesil/Red see colors . In the test, there are pictures with color dots. Within each image, or a specific figure, or a figure. Color blindness and non-this figure or figures can be easily read, while patients perceive.


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