Conducted horrible experiments on humanity and mind control

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Mind control isconducted horrible experiments on humanity.

People’s thinking, behavior, emotions, and decision-making mechanisms that can be found in the destructive effect on the existence can be proved exactly the name given to brainwashing operations. The interests that were carried out by a group of alleged brainwashing and mind control on other individuals for the purpose of providing a series of process.For the first time in despotic regimes, especially during the war, was used as a propaganda tool against captured enemy soldiers of any kind is suggested. In addition, the religious movements have been used.

In the proposed method used by Russia to the United States of America in the 1950’s, people directed in order to serve a purpose, fulfilling almost every request it has been turned into a very dangerous weapon.
By allocating larger budgets and very meticulously standing intelligence agencies on mind control method, has been called in many events unexplained. Most of them well-known is the Kennedy assassination.
Anti-war activism and the notorious John F. Kennedy, this aspect of the deep state, and he was a threat against the forces of darkness. In 1963, with his wife an open-top car, while in public it was an assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, who himself was the perpetrator of the murder to be committed by mind control has been suggested. The event can never be solved as the evidence of the murder of John F. Kennedy, were completely destroyed.

Mind control goes back to the roots of the ancient Egyptians. The first written document on this topic, it is suggested that the Egyptian Book of the dead. Traumatic rituals including torture of the mind to enslave people hosts this book offers a classified section. Today, a mind-control system is connected to this system and maintained files, records almost modern, science has evolved to a dark.
Biologist physicist and Nazi Joseph mengele, the Nazi experiments on thousands of innocent in the camps. Due to his deadly experiments, Joseph Mengele, nicknamed the angel of death has been. His mind control experiments, where the experiment is located in the written documentation were confiscated by the Russians and the Americans.
Of these documents, and some top-ranking Nazis, including Mengele, America, and South America were brought to the CLA studies on mind control to help the project in exchange for improvements to Shumen where war crimes are under today, however, is spoken. The Nazis, mind-control studies, has continued in top secret underground military bases, and became the chief architect of virtually mind control projects developed until today.

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Werner von Braun UK after the bombing by the United States taken prisoner and supposedly, only concerned with the construction of the missile, even the head of NASA has passed it on. However, all this is just a small part of the iceberg. In reality ex-Nazi war criminals they had been working on mind control experiments on innocent little children to develop this project and they’d be afraid to do horrible. This horrible experiments in secret underground military base continued for years without my knowing it.The subject of children survivors of mind control can be performed in the future, and thus the poor became slaves that can be manipulated. Even according to the acquired information, creating mental trauma and thus some subjects on others children just redirects could be done easier on them, so using a knife cut all of the other kids in front of the children subject. This information is written by Ken Adachi, Mind control-the ultimate Terror can be read in more detail from his book.
Today the CIA is in the hands of these terrible experiments, mind control has been the milestone of the program.

Mind control project implemented until 1960, a lot of innocent people were used as subjects in this project. The main methods applied are as follows: the subject to weaken and mentally manipulate verbal and physical abuse, drugs and chemicals by the use of sensory perceptions experience trauma, isolation techniques and the mental weakness of the subject.Mind control another thing that is used in the experiments: a powerful effect that creates the substance called LSD hallucination. Lsd’s ingredient, usually used on people who do not know anything from this experience has been. These people: prostitutes, such as military personnel, government officials, the CIA personnel. Electroshock is also high, mental and physical torture of the tortures without blinking an eye for the types of mental control.The main goal of the project mind control: enemies who want to harm the country and the people of the countries the soldiers of a sort, query, and analysis method to consider as to show to encourage and who doesn’t want to give her name some officials who have worked at top levels in this project, the person desired to be eliminated for the purpose of been made for assassination operations against the principal, however, admitted that the task of these projects was prepared for many hidden. A lot of objective-the Manchurian candidate – create is actually.

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Manchurian candidate, human, brain washing, mind which is presented when an order is given, almost turning into a weapon. When a word is spoken to the person, for example, take your sunglasses off when someone says something as irrelevant, is processed in the mind of the person with that Word anyway, this one action it is. When you hear that particular word or phrase people, will do everything you requested. For example, the other person will kill without blinking an eye.
The new Federalist newspaper writer Anton chaitkin, the retired CIA cornered the answer is an interesting one with a manager that receives the result. In the face of persistent questions chaitkin Anton retired CIA official, said We had ended this work in the 1970s. The owner of these words, is none other than William Colby. For those who want to learn more details on the subject, Anton Chaitki, written by ”Franklin Witnesses Implicated the FBI and U.S. elites in torture and murder of children”, the new Federalist – the article we can recommend.
Mind control experiments, was questioned many established at the Commission, continued its activities underground CIA experiments with mind control have already announced the end of the program.


Project Monarch mind control program accepted by the authorities, although it is not the researcher, the people I have managed to document their experiments on mind control. Some victims, in a way, they explained in detail what’s going on and pull away from this traumatic experience.
Monarch victims are programmed to commit suicide after their own, unaware of the crimes they commit, assassination, prostitution, slavery, even as a puppet of complete are used.

Monarch slaves or subjects from their reality, by keeping alive various tortures used in the project is completely broken. This break from reality, creates a space in the mind of the victim for programming. Thus, the subject is told almost like a robot himself, he performs in an automated manner.
Helen P. Lacter, the relevant details written, the relationship between mind control programming and ritual abuse in the book is explained.

10214 zihin kontrolu 300x150 - Conducted horrible experiments on humanity and mind controlThe origin of the project and does the name come from?

Monarch butterflies called Monarch mind control is the name of the project. As is well known, living in a cocoon of the caterpillar before the butterfly. Then when you go through the various changes from the Chrysalis to a butterfly life, and continues in this manner. So old in its CATERPILLAR form, the butterfly form, the form returns in the world a very different Monarchy butterfly features current features and contains metaphors for mind control. The monarch butterfly for future generations with its roots in the biological sense, relevant information passes.Knowledge about genes to be transferred to future generations of scientists through the monarch butterfly inspiration. The purpose of creating a master race the Nazis, the superior race with the idea of a bee transferring from generation to generation, characteristics are formed. These are briefly the reasons for selecting the name of the monarch.

Terrible the subject who are subjected to electroshock, with the feeling he was flying just like a butterfly dollars.
The monarch butterfly in this sense, gives the idea of change with symbolic features. A new life from the cocoon of returning to the immobilized shape. Exactly what creates this tremendous transformation appropriate to the project definition.

Monarch mind control practices:
the subject, the name ‘master’ or ‘God’ through various tortures called a practitioner is exposed. Higher pain threshold than males, and reality structures that can break more easily than with women; the most used subjects. The victims survives the trauma by the victim’s mind is manipulated to divide into separate entities and thus their minds begin. On the victim;Harassment is buried in a place, almost drowning, especially were left in the icy water, to be rescued at the last moment, rotate, retention of strong light eyes, ankles hanging drops on the head, the mental destruction of the person is given a drug to isolate from the environment, starvation, fear, and wake up with feelings of revulsion, near-death experiences, providing seyrettirme and the death of other organisms, was possessed by convincing disembodied entities,(such as Demon or demons), to convince the slave, don’t threaten death to their loved ones, horrible and inhuman tortures are applied.
This was torture, people used to create personalities unaware of each other. A very good-natured, ordinary-looking man of the lower personalities are unaware of each other, may be scary monster personalities. The victims of failed experiments killed immediately. A person put to this inhumane torture experiments also how durable it is before they die study carried out on behalf of the child.

Monarch mind control experiments on the basis of: uncover a person’s inner personalities or sub-personalities build is built upon. Thus, the sub-personality programmed as desired, the victim is converted into a puppet to do the desired task. The victim was exposed to the tortures mentioned above(abuse, starvation, provision of drugs, etc.) are restricted and conditioned mind.
The victim provided dissociative identity inherent in an artificial world is created. This inner world is artificial, variety, music, or movie lines from a poem or a quote can be programmed using. The programmer programmed the victim then installs itself when you hear one of the words or lines that trigger, that’s what command line is installed, for example, if the order applies the order to kill immediately.

Mind control levels.
The brain waves of the victim classes, by the decomposition of right and left brain sub-personalities, uncovering the emergence of strong memory and a program called Alpha physical strength, moral values become corrupted or even destroyed, through which almost turned into a sex slave is to be the victim, I mean beta program
Used to create a squad of special agents and soldiers, just programmed to win the war, who doesn’t know what fear is, he is very brave, if necessary purpose where the subjects are created that can destroy themselves for the sake of Delta programming,

A name is also psychic with programming from other people with a high perception, telepathic wave, mounted on special chips in their brains where victims are created Theta programming, mind control levels.

As a conclusion, Compound 3 million people since 1947 in the States of America have been exposed to this kind of mind programming situations, most of them remained substantial part has been crippled. Also, kill the guy, assassinate his years in prison as a result of a highly fortified mental hospitals and the number of reviewers is no less beautiful.Candy Jones, Sirhan Sirhan, Celia Imrie, as known by the community, famous people, mind control they are used in the experiments, have declared that their actions are as a result of these experiments. Like the authorities, or they say such a thing had never occurred in the 1970s these operations, and all of them let’s say there is a conspiracy, the assassinations of living, without any reason, in any sense fit to commit murders, people who have no idea of what they did, and the horrible experiments that were performed on people lying to them.


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