Converts Food Into Enough Sleep At Night Nightmare

kirmizi et - Converts Food Into Enough Sleep At Night Nightmare

According to surveys, people with sleep problems in the evening with the food they consume can enjoy a healthier sleep period.Also certain foods can turn your night into a nightmare.


Insomnia foods that cause your life here;



Red meat

If you have to eat your dinner after 8 red meat will be a very wrong choice. You have a relaxing sleep will prevent you from red meat. The amount of protein and hard due to the nature enables us to keep you satiated, but will be the cause of your sleep disorder.


The idea of regular and uninterrupted sleep after alcohol intake is incorrect. Irregular intake of alcohol, unhealthy provides you with the ability to sleep. Alcohol on the days you receive a night sleep you will wake up constantly and discontinuous. At night it will not be a very comfortable process for you. You should stay away from alcohol for your health and a good night’s sleep.


Dark Chocolate

Children, big and small, everyone who doesn’t like chocolate, who doesn’t want to eat he couldn’t say no? No matter Day or night, we eat chocolate that we like. However, the caffeine inside before going to bed at night to consume chocolate due to the quality of our sleep will lead to impairment.



Garlic if consumed at night before going to bed will cause you to not sleep in the night this one’s for you. Garlic cause heartburn at night your stomach with a complaint because it is the reason you can spend. So consume garlic the night.



When we consume breakfast cereals for dinner, especially at night, restless sleep will be waiting for us. The grains that cause your blood sugar to rise quickly will cause disturbance in your sleep

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