Cramps (spasm what is Nov? What Are The Causes? Symptoms and treatment

cramp - Cramps (spasm what is Nov? What Are The Causes? Symptoms and treatment

 (spasm Nov), usually painful, sudden and involuntary contractions of muscles that can involve. Can be seen in almost everyone, but are more common in adults and the elderly. Can cause different symptoms as it can affect many muscles in the body. The most common type of skeletal muscle spasms. Usually injuries of the muscles, overuse stems from an electrolyte imbalance in the body, although the body losing water and can develop for other reasons. To the outside of the uterus, skeletal muscles, intestine, bile ducts and organs such as the walls of blood vessels also may be susceptible to cramps.

Nov most spasms is temporary, although sometimes cramps can repeat regularly. In this case, a person’s medical diagnosis you need to seek help. Hot and cold packs treatment, medication, exercise, and it is possible to use different methods such as massage.

Nov spasm (cramp) what is it?

Nov spasm, excessive secretion of muscles by nerves, is a condition that occurs after striking. The reason for this is that some movements of the brain tissues will Suddenly have to conquer the cold on Nov. Under normal conditions, the muscles warm up and move adipose tissue, to Nov enough protein etc. you must collect the vitamins. With spasms of the legs mostly felt in the front and rear part of the thigh, arms, hands and feet, may appear in black.

Back and shoulders, are seen as spasms are other regions where intense Nov. Severe spasms, can make it difficult to wake up people from their sleep walk like that. The stiffness in the surrounding muscles or certain muscles can affect the entire body. In some cases, these cramps may be accompanied by swelling in the tissue Nov. The spasms may continue for 15 minutes like it could pass in a few seconds.

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Nov can cause a lot of cramping and spasms

Cramps (spasm what causes Nov?

Nov temporary spasm, such as spasm of the muscles of excessive fatigue may be a reason behind a health problem may include as medical. It has become so constant and severe spasm of the if should be seen urgently by a specialist.
Nov the most common causes of spasms can be listed as below:

  • Mineral deficiency:calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium deficiency it’s common for spasms in people with Nov. In this case, doctors often prescribe these minerals containing Nov relaxants.
  • Dehydration: excessive loss of Body water (dehydration), is another factor that can cause spasms Nov. Dehydration especially after exercise depends on an increase in spasms in people Nov. However, hot and humid weather by triggering dehydration, can lead to a spasm.
  • Insufficient blood flow:poor blood flow in the legs and feet, especially in people who exercise, may bring about extremely violent contractions. People while exercising, walking, or while participating in other activities may experience these cramps.
  • Nerve compression: compression of the spinal nerves (spinal nerve compression) is another cause of contractions in the legs Nov. Pain and suffering in the legs, usually more pronounced on the long walk in a way that is felt.
  • Excessive use of the muscles:lawn mowing, snow shoveling, etc. neck, shoulder and back muscles spasms which could cause excessive use of the can be seen in the people that executes jobs on Nov. Spasms this style, usually tend to migrate spontaneously when excessive activity were avoided. Sitting down at the computer for hours as you work the muscles in the same position for a long period of lead to keep the activities that can trigger tensing Nov.
  • Obesity, etc. other conditions:stretching of the core muscles in the body which causes obesity, is the most important cause of upper and lower neck muscles contractions. Diabetes, anemia, thyroid problems, people with kidney disease are at risk.
  • Diseases of the nervous system: spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, nervous system diseases, such as sclerosis is associated with spasms mostly amiotrofik Nov.
  • Frequent use of some drugs:some drugs sometimes the side effects may include spasms periodically among Nov. Alzheimer’s disease aricept used for treatment of high blood pressure medication Nifedipine, terbutaline, such as certain asthma medications; can cause spasms Nov. Microzi Lasix and diuretics such as the body separated from the water in the body dehydration therefore cause a spasm.

WARNING:Alcoholism, stress, smoking or drug use; build up of plaque in the coronary arteries of your heart muscles with blood and causes narrowing of the arteries. In this case, the person may experience a heart attack, severe chest pain that can mix it with. High levels of cholesterol in people with coronary artery spasms often especially can be found.

Nov Symptoms Of Spasm

  • Sudden and sharp pain in the muscles
  • Under the skin, feeling the texture of a hard Nov
  • Twitching Nov

typical symptoms are spasm Nov. These symptoms usually disappear after a period of time without having to intervene. Symptoms often felt on the cause of spasm and spasm is our body when it is in the area which vary according to.

WARNING: swollen legs, skin color changes, redness persists repeats regularly Nov cramps, spasms won’t go away despite the personal intervention when you should see a specialist. This and similar situations, may indicate another illness, such as weakness on Nov.

Nov types of spasms and cramps

Nov spasm in itself may vary according to the affected area. Nov the most common types of spasms and cramps can be classified as the following:

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Spasms and cramps can affect all groups, of Nov Nov

Real cramps

Is caused by excessive activity of the nerves that stimulate the muscles. Cover the whole of a single muscle or a group of muscles. Nov fatigue, injury, overuse of muscles can cause cramps real. Also seen in the elderly cramps at night that can disrupt sleep and more relaxation in this class are evaluated. When the body loses water, the lack of sodium in the body other causes of cramps are real.

Tetany-type cramps

As a result of all the activity of nerve cells in the body will occur. The amount of the excess activity of the muscles nerve low calcium and potassium rate raises. Nov spasms in the hands and wrists often have low calcium depends on the level.These spasms cramps often may not be able to distinguish it from the real.

Dystonic cramps

In this case, more excessive use of the muscles in the opposite direction of the intended movement or occur in people who use their muscles. Writer’s cramp, also known as excessive use of the hands and wrists, included in this class.

Nov at the waist spasm

More heavy sports people who are interested in carrying a heavy load seen in the waist of Nov or spasms, involuntary contraction of muscles and bending of the lumbar. By restricting the mobility of the people, will cause you to walk in an oblique way. Over straining the muscles in the lumbar region, the most fundamental reason. Strong enough muscles and ligaments in the lumbar region, in the absence of other important causes of narrowing of the spinal canal with age.

Sometimes the changes in Seasons, excessive moisture and extreme hot weather, can lead to the formation of spasm in your back. More from the application of hot compresses in the treatment is exposed. 20 minute warm compresses to alleviate the pain sensation and pain at the waist applied with it is possible.

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Cramps especially affects groups Nov enforced

Tall Nov Spasms and cramping

Overly high or overly low-lying, use a pillow, straight in and working a desk job for long hours in front of the computer, etc. depends on different factors. All these factors exert pressure on the nerves and muscles of the neck tensing of the muscles causes.

Felt a cramp in the neck as a result. Difficulties in moving the neck can even the head etc. symptoms. From the application of a warm compress, the treatment is exposed. Physical therapy or if symptoms does not exceed Nov relaxants, pain medications, some drugs can make use of.

Nov back spasms and Cramping

Strain, weakness, muscle tightness, chills, etc. different reasons Nov back spasms, contraction of muscles in shoulders and back. The nerve roots surrounding the spine of stress, fatigue, stress, depression, issues such as unused for a long time, the muscles of the spine there may be different reasons, such as moving in a sudden manner. The application of warm compresses in the treatment of back cramps, as well as some tropical creams relaxes and warms the muscles use of massage the back and spine, calcium and potassium increase of secretion, etc. different methods can be tried.

Nov shoulder Spasms and cramping

The wrist nerve in the neck, neck pain, soft tissue rheumatism (fibromyalgia); for a long time sitting at a desk, sitting in a hunched manner, posture disturbances, can lead to spasms in the shoulder Nov. Shoulder spasms and arm pain spreading to the arm numbness that accompanies a Nov usually the symptom of neck pain.


When it comes to in the muscles in fibromyalgia patients, pain, stiffness, and stiffness, it can be extremely uncomfortable for the patient. Regular exercise, physical therapy, hot compresses, rest, etc. shoulder cramps can be treated with methods.

Nov diagnosed with spasms and Cramping

Nov complaints about the diagnosis of spasm for the purpose of your doctor may ask you some questions. How many liters of water you consume daily your doctor whether you are in your workout, you might want to know whether you are using alcohol. Blood tests measure the amount of calcium and potassium in your blood, you may want to have. By measuring muscle activity with electromyography, can detect whether or not you plan on your muscles.

To view the status of your muscles can also benefit from miyelografi spine. Nov weakness, powerlessness, weakness, and loss of sensation to be accompanied by symptoms of nervous disorder may refer you to a neurologist because there may be you.

Nov treatment of spasms and cramps

Nov in the treatment of spasms medication, exercise, physical therapy such as different methods may be preferred. By taking preventative measures for the disease at the same time, also can be protected from spasms Nov. Nov methods utilized in the treatment of spasms can be listed as below:

Nov spasms treatment with medication

Depending on the underlying cause chronic and severe spasms Nov if your doctor, may prescribe certain medications. Ibuprofen containing medications for damaged and forced the muscles, Nov relaxants, and narcotic medications you may need to use.

Especially the ibuprofen-containing drugs, is highly effective in the treatment of drugs in the short term. Potassium and calcium supplements calcium and potassium deficiency cramps are usually for the treatment of your doctor may recommend.

Hot and cold compresses treatment with the cramps

Applications of hot and cold compresses, relaxation of the muscles and ease cramps Nov. A warm cloth to the area cramped and aching, you can apply a cold cloth or ice with a hot water bottle as Nov can alleviate the severity of your pain.

Nov exercises for spasms and cramps

Continuous spasms from becoming in physical therapy holds an important place in the treatment of Nov. The physical therapists at this stage you suggested, you must do the movements regularly. The tongs, especially those who are sitting for long hours at the beginning of the day, starting with warm-up movements and relaxation, can prevent the occurrence of cramps.

Yoga, pilates, and swimming; effective methods that you can include some other benefit in the treatment of spasms Nov. Swimming for 30 minutes 2-3 times per week after the activity, strengthen your muscles and the relaxation you can have. Muscle spasms in your neck and back pain and want to get rid of those who might be interested in the sport of swimming.

Massage with plant oils and herbal treatments spasm Nov

Spasm can benefit from aromatherapy in the treatment of medicinal plants to the region thanks to the pain you are going to Massage the local pain and suffering may be reduced. In the herbal treatment of spasm of thyme, lavender, Primrose, camphor, eucalyptus oils such as tensions can take advantage of features of Nov. You can get rid of spasms with a massage and 20-minute regional.

A few cups per day celery seed, chamomile or ginger Tea you can get by consuming general relaxation. Also, by consuming 2 to 2.5 liters per day, dehydration is the cause of cramps and contractions that you can treat in a natural way also Nov.

Nov spasm and Cramp prevention methods

  • Before you begin sport or exercise, always doing the movements for relaxation and warming up your body to prepare for strenuous activity remember.
  • Do not exercise after eating. Wait for 30 minutes.
  • Coffee, tea and eat less food that contains plenty of nicotine, such as chocolate.
  • Consume at least 2 liters of water during the day. Increase this amount when you exercise.
  • Milk, orange juice, and calcium such as bananas and potassiumrich foods you eat.
  • To start using vitamin supplements after consulting your doctor.
  • Stress-related contractions try to live a stress free life Nov for their protection.


What Should I Do When I Get Hand Cramps?

Cramping in your hand when it enters your hand you can wrap it in a hot towel, then a relaxant and a pain pill you can get Nov. During exercise, cramps in your hand you can give for at least a few hours to work on Dec.

When I Get Foot Cramps What Should I Do?

And can assist you in moving your toes move up and down with your hands. You can give your feet a gentle massage for the purpose of bending your foot, or your toe for 30 seconds you can apply pressure between the finger next to the point with you.

What Should I Do When I Get Leg Cramps?

Apply a compress with a hot water bottle to your leg cramping pass, then you can stretch.A 30-minute walk you can avoid cramps.

Nov practical advice to prevent spasms and cramps

  • Your doctor regularly use the prescribed drugs.
  • 2 cups of Epson salt in the tub and fill with hot water shower.
  • Potassium, magnesium, which is extremely rich in terms of fish, grape molasses, apricot foods such as eat regularly.
  • Entering the area with coconut oil massage to cramping.
  • If your legs cramp up at night while you sleep, leg stretch before going to bed.
  • If you suffer from leg cramps, vitamin B complex supplements after consulting your doctor.


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