Crokodil The Drug That Turns Young People Into A Zombie?

crocodile - Crokodil The Drug That Turns Young People Into A Zombie?

Young people literally turns into a zombie, and a crocodile which is why they were slowly dying substance. What is this crocodile in the body, what causes it and how are they treated? Here is all the answers…

Recently, increasing show that drugs are effective in the event of death. Especially in a state that is called Bonzai malady can be easily found on the streets, I noticed.

This is our content as a team, much worse than you Bonzai users we will inform you about the crocodile that killed slowly.

Crocodile is the type of a drug that emerged in Russia in 2002. Just like heroin taken through a vein. 3 times cheaper than heroin and 10 times more effective because it is used a lot in countries such as Russia and Ukraine.


Due to scars on the skin of the crocodile has taken the user name. The bodies of users, such as the alligator hard and after a while it rots and kabuklasir. Desomorphine the name in the language of Medicine.

Used a lot of drugs called krokodil is one of the reasons is the ease is obtained. Paint thinner, gasoline, hydrochloric acid and high-grade ingredients at home with toxic can be prepared within half an hour. The effect is between 90 minutes and 2 hours.


In the early 2000s, especially in Russia, there were serious problems with heroin addiction.Many young people had become addicted to heroin. Heroin addicts because it is both more powerful and cheaper drugs an expensive drug named Crocodile is directed.


Can survive 4 to 7 years of research on heroin addicts, for addicts krokodil, this is reduced to a period of 2 years shows that.

In some parts of Russia revealed that nearly all lead to the deaths of crocodiles. To this grave situation, the authorities took immediate action.


The name crocodile has taken the harm of the body. Yesil addicts in the skin, a scaly crocodile for decay was given the name.


This drug through a vein while the vein is being taken it’s not accidentally, also is injected into a muscle or under the skin in the tissues, inflammation is seen. The inflammation and dead skin treatment for the removal of the limb is cut off completely or partially.


Crocodile goes to parts of the body that are affected by rot over time. The bones in the limbs is poured into decaying parts, and causes them to appear. Should always be treated. At the same time will create a bad smell some people who can be understood immediately.



Crokodil addiction is much worse than eroininki. After a 10-day heroin withdrawal and pain, the person may himself collect. Treatment of mid-level difficulty. Crocodile, the situation is very different.


Dependent persons pulls deprivation and pain for 1 month. Strong painkillers and sedatives is used. Doctors of the treatment process is at a difficult level even in some patients means that it is impossible.


Escaped bondage, the person is permanently problems can be observed. These speech difficulties, in the form of blank stares and meaningless gestures will occur.

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