DASH diet what is it and how is it applied?

WHAT IS THE DASH DIET - DASH diet what is it and how is it applied?

Especially recommended for people with hypertension the DASH diet dietary we do know all the details about which is attached.


Aimed at minimizing the problem of hypertension DASH diet, although they are quite common in the United States of America, the National Health Institute, Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) that is certified by diet. The Initiative “Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension” the DASH diet 14-day period that is applied until a diet program.

Which is one of the main methods for the treatment of high blood pressure, DASH diet, high blood pressure in conjunction with a diet that supports healthy eating to reduce losses. Low-calorie and high-fibre foods, plenty of which is the type of diet consumed the DASH diet is a form of quite healthy and a reliable. A 14-day period applied in the form of a diet that isintended to help with lowering a person’s blood pressure and lose weight. The weight of the person who applied this diet regularly, and for the regulation of blood pressure balance is provided.


dash diyeti - DASH diet what is it and how is it applied?

The primary goal of the DASH diet is to minimize the release of sodium. Lowering salt consumption by reduction of the sodium salt of the foods consumed at the same time my forehead looked when blood pressure it is quite important to keep the balance of the consideration of rates. Thus, a rise in blood pressure sodium intake high blood pressure which is directly proportional, we can say that are very closely related.

That led to the DASH diet fruit and vegetable consumption, the consumption of foods high in fats and cholesterol such as red meat is a diet that aims to keep away from. Low in fat and cholesterol, the DASH diet advises the consumption of nutrients, the consumption of milk and milk products fat-free or low-fat ones should be preferred recommends. The ratio of the fat in the foods that are consumed which are also significantly sugar as well as the DASH diet, which greatly restricts the rate of consumption of sugary beverages.

That restricts a lot of people due to lack of a diet is a diet that can be easily applied. DASH diet followed in a regular and disciplined manner to its own principles if effective results are to be obtained, we can say that it is impossible. Patients with hypertension DASH diet, as well as anyone with a weight problem can apply. That led to a diet of fruits and vegetables DASH diet you can lose weight in a healthy way.

dash diyeti nasil yapilir - DASH diet what is it and how is it applied?


The DASH diet is a diet that is approved by the National Institute of health of America, does not pose any risk to health. One of the main rules is to refrain from the consumption of salt while dieting. It is quite important that you do not use salt while cooking and salad. Except for the salt, vinegar, spices and lemon is free to use.

Higher in terms of nutritional value it is advisable to use chicken in salads while the chicken is skinless and be part of the chest is recommended. Diet skip meals one of the most important points in the process that need attention. For every meal eat lots of meals time and a low-calorie diet fruit you choose will be in a manner enhancing the effects of.

yagsiz tavuklu salata tuketimi - DASH diet what is it and how is it applied?


One of the Basic Rules of healthy nutrition consume small bite, trying to chew thoroughly; for DASH diet is of great importance. Will not result in any adverse impact on your diet so your digestive system. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in the DASH diet, as well as of cereals mainly contain magnesium and potassium that is consumed.

When implementing the DASH diet you do not exercise regularly and to be on the moveis quite important. As with every diet, the DASH diet also exercise on a regular basis, in addition to that you can apply every day, walking will be quite effective for 3-4 km.


dash diyeti ve spor - DASH diet what is it and how is it applied?



  • Definitely you must reduce your salt consumption.
  • While you prepare the salad the vinegar, lemon and spices when it is allowed to use no more than 1 teaspoon of olive oil are allowed to be added.
  • Cleaned the skin in the chicken cooking and salads should be preferred. The fact that the section from the breast of chicken is also a factor to be considered.
  • Consume in small bites and chew food thoroughly is very important.
  • It is recommended to consume the meal, the main meal with rice and vegetables.However, it is quite important to avoid excessive rates of servings.
  • When consumed milk and dairy products fat-free or low-fat should be considered.
  • Sugar and sugar made food supplements/the consumption of beverages should be avoided.
  • It is suggested that it be given to the consumption of fish.
  • Notably smoking and alcohol consumption should be restricted.


tuzun zararlari - DASH diet what is it and how is it applied?




1 cup orange juice

1 cup skim milk 1 tablespoon skim milk

Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers Yesil etc… (olive oil can be added to 1 teaspoon)

1 teaspoon of jam or honey

1 thin slice wholemeal bread

1 fruit


Green salad chicken

1 cup nonfat yogurt

1 thin slice wholemeal bread

1 fruit


1 large grilled fish

4 tablespoons brown rice

Steamed broccoli


Spinach or grilled chicken salad (Salad, tomato, cucumber, onion and green pepper can be added Yesil)

1 thin slice wholemeal bread

1 fruit

Dec Fruits That You Can Consume In A Meal

1 small apple

3 apricot

12 strawberries

15 grape

1 medium pear

1 medium banana

1 medium orange

½ Medium grapefruit

5 plum

1 large tangerine

14 cherry

1 slice of watermelon or cantaloupe


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