decorative vases and pots are designed with 10 bottles and boxes

vase 650x650 - decorative vases and pots are designed with 10 bottles and boxes

I saw it and you liked it in the store out of the very expensive vases, handmade vases that you will get your ability to talk.

With the materials in your home in a few simple steps, you can easily do, handmade vases and decorative flower pots from chichewa you won’t be missing.

You need to do obtain materials and your imagination will speak to only a few.

Required Materials:

  • Glass bottles, glass jars, tin cans
  • Decorative ip
  • Glass paint
  • Sim
  • Ice cream bar
  • Perfume bottle
  • A bottle of soft drink
  • Lace
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive


So long as the portion of the mouth and surround the bottom of small glass carboys 2 IP’s for damn sure. Apply adhesive to the section you are going to start the winding process. Carefully start to roll the rope around the water cooler and overlap. You can use the pen to write on the cam stroke.


Ice cream bars are slightly bent transversely in an asymmetric manner in a cylinder vase sort. You can write articles on the bars.


Straighten it out and carefully cut the top of a finished bottle. You can put tiny flowers in this vase branched construction is quite easy.


Canned thick paint the color you want in the box. After drying sand it down until matlasana. You can give different shapes by scraping with the method on.


Apparatus to obtain and mount wall round the tip on your wall. One of the bottles of soda you can use it as a flower vase, you can add a different air to your home.


A tin cylinder, with the help of glue a box around a directory of ice cream bars. The mouth portion to connect with decorative threads.


Identifying areas not to be painted around glass bottle sticker paste. A matte paint, paint with the remaining portion. After the paint has dried, the stickers, remove from the bottle.


Paint the bottom of the glass bottle of any size with silvery paint. Leave it to dry after the paint process.


Of the adhesive around the glass jar, lace end-to-end in a way that will combining it into the bottle of paste. In the case of the ribbon on the ribbon to paste the specific points provided end-to-end paste.


Old ceramic vase with ceramic paint in any color of your pen and paint the inside and the outside and dry thoroughly.

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