Destroyed 6 Animal Species

cscc - Destroyed 6 Animal Species

Destroyed 6 Animal Species

Some animals appear tasty and appealing people, they cannot control themselves. Extinctions are always multi-faceted, although in some species the destruction of modern man’s insatiable appetite, almost can be linked to directly.


1)The Dodo Bird, Raphus cucullatus

dodo 18 300x188 - Destroyed 6 Animal SpeciesOnce the birds that live in this vast place there were plenty on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Larger the Turkey weighed about 23 kg of Dodo birds. blue-gray hair and had a wide skull. Because it is not the type of natural prey, the birds discovered in 1507 by the Portuguese sailors who were hunted. The sailors who came later, and this quickly saw the population of the Dodo as a source of fresh meat. Monkeys, pigs, and rats come to the island, the eggs of mammals susceptible to attacks. The last Dodo was killed in 1681.Unfortunately, very few of scientific explanation source available.

2)sea cow Hydrodamalis gigas

denizine%C4%9Fi - Destroyed 6 Animal SpeciesDiscovered by German naturalist Georg W. Steller in 1741, sea cows lived in the coastal regions of komandor islands in the Bering Sea at a time. Sea cows, approximately 9-10 meters in length and had a weight of 10 tons. Passive, docile animals living on the surface of coastal waters, he was but unfortunately he had very few skills to dive into the water. Russian seal Hunters as a source of meat in them this rewards long sea voyages has made easy targets for the harpoons.Killings, mostly of the species after it was first discovered less than 30 years ago, lasted until the year of 1768. They have preserved for generations, and today they ran out.

3)the passenger Pigeon – Ectopistes migratorius

18888496 324648971302860 3923108610900492288 n 300x300 - Destroyed 6 Animal SpeciesThe herd, which is famous for large migratory passenger Pigeon, at the beginning of the 1900s began to disappear. These huge birds lived in North America at one time and apparently benzdik into mourning doves. As American settlers moved West, passenger pigeons sold for meat in the town, and massacred millions of units per year on the market. Sales were even between cities with railroad cars. Breeding colonies are often raided and destroyed in a single season Hunters all their nesting places.From 1870 onwards the decline of the species began, and there have been some unsuccessful attempts to raise the birds in captivity. The last known passenger Pigeon named Martha, at the Cincinnati Zoo on 1 September 1914 in Ohio he died and have gone extinct.

4)Eurasian Cattle – Bos primigenius primigenius

s%C4%B1%C4%9F%C4%B1r 300x169 - Destroyed 6 Animal SpeciesOne of the ancestors of modern cattle, which is cattle, Eurasian, Europe, Siberia, and the steppes of Central Asia located in large, wild ox. Great, Eurasian cattle with horns curved forward, is known for its aggressive temperament, and old for sport in the Roman arena savastirili. As a prey animal, hunted excessively and species in many regions of the Eurasian region, the people slowly disappeared. 13. century, the population of Eastern Europe had fallen to them that the less noble and the right to hunt was limited to the Royal household.In 1564, the Royal hunters in the survey, they took only 38 animal and a woman, the last to die of natural causes in 1627 in Poland Eurasian cattle when you find everything it was too late.

5)The Big Auk (sea bird) – Pinguinus impennis

denizku%C5%9Fu - Destroyed 6 Animal SpeciesThe big ANC in the North Atlantic in colonies on rocky islands, (St. Kilda, Faroe Islands, Iceland, and funk island in Newfoundland) is located and the living sea was a bird. The birds used had a length of approximately 75 cm, and had short wings for swimming under water. Completely vulnerable, great love stories, especially in the early 1800s, was killed by Hunters for food and feed. Ships of the hunter who hunts birds attracted the attention of the people, and they made the arrest of a ship. Sailors cut the birds but the birds they had killed in huge numbers.The latest known example in 1844 on the island of eldey in Iceland in the month of June auk was killed for a museum’s collection.

6)woolly mammoth – Mammuthus primigenius

Woolly mammoth ingress 300x300 - Destroyed 6 Animal SpeciesA number of well preserved frozen carcass in Siberia, thanks to all of the species of mammoth the woolly mammoth is the best known. These gigantic animals after the end of the last ice age approximately 7,500 years ago. Climate change, don’t become an absolutely crucial role played in helping, although recent studies in the deaths of people, or at least shows that it can be a driving force in the final cause. Large-scale climate warming, hunting and the stress of a deadly combination of human greed, even in a changing world and a strong stand to mammoth.

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