Disease Disease (Hipokondriyazis)?

DISEASE SYMPTOMS - Disease Disease (Hipokondriyazis)?

In recent years, showing an increase and when you feel yourself sick if the person is healthy. He believes that people is a serious disease.


In the last period, which increased illness , disease, in the language of Medicine,“Hipokondriyazis” is called. At the same time among the people evhamlilik, pimpiriklikand takintilik is also described as.

A person was healthy and the absence of any disease, although it claims that you see in others is in itself of diseases. Even though it is a serious problem thinking that the person experiences a fear of himself is healthy. This can take approximately 6 months.

hastalik hastaligi nedir - Disease Disease (Hipokondriyazis)?



People coughing, vomiting, sweating, palpitations, and mild treats it as a symptom of serious diseases such as. Constantly goes to the doctor and various tests. It was not the person don’t feel any disease or problem. To the contrary, there are bigger problems and blame the doctor for thinking that refers to another specialist.

People who think that are a disease in themselves over time even though they are healthythemselves are yipratirl. They begin to hurt themselves psychologically. Continuous sickness in the vicinity bunaltirl people talking at the same time. These people that he saw on television and in the newspaper about a disease that magnifies the slightest symptoms of the diseases begin to look at themselves and they go into deep research. They showed that cut clippings about the disease.

One of the reasons of development of illness disease is severe business conditions andeconomic issues. Yourself because you feel sick and heavy conditions at work among the main reasons for thinking you’d get a disease. Illness in people who are not adequate at the same time economic conditions is frequently observed. Malnourished and in poor conditions are treated in people who think that your faith is more likely to developing the disease.



Suffered a long illness and, therefore, a situation can be characterised as evolving men who have unconsciously fear of disease. Around the disease in people who have serious illness and suffered fear of formed disease disease (hipokondriya) is observed.

And interest usually begins in childhood, however, there are people who think you can pull over on them in case of illness. Illness these individuals at times they can’t see the interest from the people around them, they try to draw attention to the fear and belief.



In the later stages of the disease, the disease depression, panic attacks , and sleep disorders such as causing many problems. Insomnia, fatigue and lack of strengthen the faith more and more trouble getting people in situations such as the disease.

depresyon nedeni 002 - Disease Disease (Hipokondriyazis)?

The non-existent disease wants to admit that because of his belief in this situation is a psychological condition, and refuses to receive psychological support. This situation that causes failure in business over time, people isolate from social life.

Usually at the age of 20-30 , which started the illness, disease, sometimes seen in childhood. In childhood that begins hipokondriya, is beginning to draw more attention. At older ages seen in the close vicinity of hipokondriya lost a loved one, near severe reactions, fear of death and the idea that people have the disease is a condition in which the disease.

psikolojik tedavi - Disease Disease (Hipokondriyazis)?


People are self-non-existent disease from convincing psychological support to receive rejects. Doctor for the presence of the disease through various tests, tests and check-ups.You don’t believe in him and those around him, or sad, they think she’s.

There is no disease, no disease physical therapy. The only treatment the patient is to get psychological help. Psychological help, as well as listening to yourself to stop and socialize.You should obtain pursuits and business distract. Family support is one of the most important aspects of the treatment process.

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