Dissociative Disorders

dissosiyatif - Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative disorders, mental illnesses are among the most confusing for both patients and observers.


Dissociative disorders are resolved or separated from the rest part of the personality of the individual means, and for some reason people put the pieces back together.

Mostly memory loss, usually temporary though a complete change of identity. In rare cases, a few different personality person.

As a reaction to intolerable experiences memory loss without organic cause occurs. People often forget a period of extreme stress in their life or event. For example, during the Second World War, the names of some soldiers, who was admitted to the hospital, where they live, or where you were born, remember how they got into the conflict.

However, dissociative to get over the war or terror is not the only reason. To disrupt the work of a man who betrayed a friend or a woman who was raped can selectively forget what happened. Although very rare, sometimes don’t forget a victim, known as dissociative in the case of escape, assumes a new identity and completely separated from the House.

dissosiyatif - Dissociative Disorders

One more strange thing to forget for patients with these disorders, the person that emerged at different times, and often he has multiple personality dissociative identity disorder is known as a few different personality.

It is observed that the roots of unconscious process in dissociative disorders. Remember, escape, and many multiple-personality disorder in cases of really there is a loss in memory.

Patients often are not aware of the memory loss and the patient’s request, despite the deterioration of memory often cannot be overcome. In some of these cases, biological factors may appear.

Trauma, remember, is a psychological factor which is of great importance in the emergence of escape; it may have played a role in dissociative identity disorder.

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