Diverticula disease and treatment

What Is Diverticulitis - Diverticula disease and treatment

What is the treatment of disease symptoms and the diverticulum in the news about how you can find out. Here, diverticula disease, have been wondering about…

Disease, diverticula, or small pouches in the intestinal wall called diverticula bulge that made the presence of bags, and hence can be defined as symptoms or complications resulting.

While the term diverticulosis refers to the presence of the diverticulum in the intestine; diverticulum with diverticulitis as a complication of one or more of the proliferation can be described.

What Is Diverticulitis?

The intestinal wall, especially in diverticula and diverticulitis, which is a form of disease of the diverticulum in the colon yangilanmas divertikuloz is a complication.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Diverticulitis?

  • Fire
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Solidification of the abdomen
  • Intestinal bleeding
  • Narrowing of the intestine or a fistula (an abnormal channel between one part to another part of the intestine) the formation of

Intestinal bleeding from the rectum can cause bleeding. Diverticulum and can be drilled, or it will lead to peritonitis and abscesses in the tissue around the colon (yangilanmas of the abdominal lining) may cause you to become.

What Is The Treatment For Diverticulitis?

Yatistirili usually with bed rest and antibiotics. In severe cases, however, the necessity of a liquid diet or intravenous infusion may arise. The diseased section of the intestine is removed and the remainder of the chapters again combined surgery may be required. Some patients have a temporary colostomy (connecting the colon to the abdominal wall by a portion of the operation where an opening is created for the flow of feces) is subject to the implementation of.

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What Is Diverticulosis?

The intestinal wall, especially in a disease diverticula diverticulum containing the colon and diverticulitis which is a form of intestinal bleeding among the complications may include divertikuloz. It is believed that the lack of fiber in the diet is causing this and diverticulosis, high-fiber diet far outweigh the foods in developing countries are very rare.


What Are The Symptoms Of Diverticulosis?

Symptoms occur in very few people and these symptoms usually caused by spasms or cramps of the muscles of the intestine near the diverticulum. Many patients have symptoms similar to the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

divertikuloz - Diverticula disease and treatment

These include the following:

  • Abdominal pain
  • The feeling of bloating
  • Changes in bowel habits

In severe cases, intestinal bleeding (hemorrhage) may cause bleeding from the rectum.


What is the diagnosis and treatment of diverticulosis?

Diagnosis is put in the following way:

  • Apply intestine barium enema
  • Endoscopy

Most people who come the cramps a high fiber diet, fiber supplements, antispasmodic medications can provide relief by reducing symptoms. A high-fiber diet and add fiber to the diet reduces the incidence of complications when this is done, it is important that you increase your fluid intake. Bleeding from diverticulum, usually will heal without treatment, but surgery may also be an option.



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