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Fear of Thunder in dogs is a common phobia. This fear, in hiding, mostly, moan, bark, don’t claw, and even manifests itself in the urine. Not exactly sure what no one on the thunder scares the dogs. In some of the races, are seen more often than the others.

Thunder is difficult the treatment of anxiety; however, the condition often with advancing age becomes increasingly apparent that concern. Therefore, it is important to be treated.

A dog who’s afraid of thunderstorms, the thunder before the start of the anxious behaviors may start to show. The rain on the roof of the house, and even the brightness of the lightning before a storm, air pressure, enough to start a reaction may be anxiety filled. Scared of Thunder fear of fireworks in dogs is also common.


Don’t fall on you berate or more

While trying to overcome this fear, the problem is due to ciddilestirebi, if you scold your dog for being anxious, or too much on top if it’s not important. Between horror and rebuke in the same way with Thunder Thunder not only establish a link between that, of course, reprimanded, whose Dog more fear and anxiety will increase.

You fall to your work or relax your dog too much is not recommended; because of this, your ,shows anxious behavior you approve of and shown her you liked it.

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Security and sound

One of the first things you should do for a dog who’s afraid of Thunder, is to provide a safe place where you can go to him during the storm. Carrying case the dog (dogs used to carry), a bed or the couch cushions, dogs are often their chosen hiding places. He feels that it is under your dog’s protection, and selects these shelters for strangling sound that frightens him. If your dog is still a place has been chosen, give him some room. To encourage you to go to the place that you showed during a storm, there biscuits, you may need to leave a few awards.

Provide a safe haven where your dog will go during a storm you may be helpful for some anxiety symptoms, but isn’t going to solve the problem at the root of the problem. This is a rather difficult task to determine the problem and probably you will need the help of your veterinarian or behavior specialist. A key element, which are connected with your dog or the sound of Thunder Thunder is to reduce the sensitivity to other stimuli. You start treatment early, with positive results will boost your encounter.


Habit, Provides Convenience

Work sensitivity reduction should be done gradually. In fact, your dog will get used to the sound of thunder and you want to see it as normal. This is mostly saved the sound of Thunder at short intervals, and by playing in a low voice.

To ensure similarity to real Thunder, the sound of Thunder should come in the way irregular. While doing this, also watch the behavior of your dog. Sound when you play a game of fetch or participate in an activity of a kind of love and try to divert attention by doing these things. If your dog is too afraid to participate in these activities, in this case the stimuli by reducing your intensity, you’ll need to try again later Thunder.

More than this can be a long process that requires patience; however, in the end, your dog will be much more peaceful during a storm.


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