Edema In The Group 5 Food

Edema In The Group 5 Food - Edema In The Group 5 Food

You can get these nutrients from whole-body oedema.

In the body in most edema of the hands and feet occurs. The formation of swelling and pain be painful and have a negative impact on the lives of the people. Edema is seen in most women. Among the reasons for the formation of edema, heart failure, some kidney diseases, significant protein loss, infection, chronic liver disease from salt-sodium imbalance is located.Unless there is a serious reason of edema formation with certain foods you can get rid of payment. Food;

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The bromelain in pineapples and facilitates the excretion of water from the body. Other than that, pineapples are rich in potassium. It includes plenty of fiber allows the intestines to work.Water if your bowels working your beats is also good. Therefore, you can eat 1 slice of pineapple every day if you have edema.

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The benefits of parsley are endless. Due to its ingredients, the water pitcher has no effect.Parsley can be consumed raw or boiled water to drink if you have paid.

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Apricot – Melon

Plenty of apricot and melon contain potassium. Potassium body fluid balance is very important. If you are a sufferer with the payment so you can consume 2 servings of these fruits every day.

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Eliminate excess water from your body, if you want to get rid of the payments this is one of the most effective ways of radish. You must eat 1-2 times a week necessarily radish.

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Milk Yogurt

Milk and yoghurt calcium-rich foods. For the balance of body fluids play a very active role.Edema to send help. Yogurt and milk should be consumed every day necessarily.

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