Egg production in hens

Egg production in hens - Egg production in hens

Egg production in hens

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The hens ‘ egg production may increase or decrease for various reasons. Many factors that cause stress in their living environment of the hens egg production will decrease. The problem of the coldness of them. The chickens even though they were all resistant animals against the cold, is a common condition confronted with the cold eggs have stopped. You receive an egg from the hen house, type to receive dozens of eggs in the winter. The chief cause of this cold.Your chicken eggs your coop in any way you heard them will continue to rise.

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Another reason is the number of your rooster coop. If your coop has a cock count, this is a huge cause of stress for your chickens. Call out your chickens in the coop, nest box the cock that can get close to them or stored in any area of your cock in the coop when they are faced with situations such as that the number is too much you must decide. The chickens in the run most of the search time is normal, but the situation they were pulled out in the back and a feather in the head in an abnormal State, you can get the opinion.

Another factor in the decrease in the yield of eggs from your chickens in the process of the shedding season they may be. Among the people to stop the chicken eggs from your chickens to roost, this will cause what is referred to enter.

Poultry egg production is also a lot of reasons this is an important factor in the reduction of the changes together. Even if your chickens coop in the same garden, even a different transfer may be significant for a while, it is obvious that the decrease in egg production. Present when you bring your chickens in the coop for your chickens is a cause of stress. The decline in egg production should be considered normal.

Spraying against the chicken coop or your chickens is a disease that occurs when you make may disturb your. For example, bit issue if you have your chicken, you only need one capture and the medicine available in liquid or powder form when you apply liberally to skin contact from the bit so as all the chickens in your chickens and egg production is a condition that is bound to be a reduction in stress formation.

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One of the most decisive factors in egg production in your chickens race and age. Some hybrid racing 3.5-4 months old when he was about 8 months old poultry breeds start egg production egg production while he was a large part of when they start. When we look from another angle, the Australorp breed of chickens the egg for 6-7 years that you could give a maximum level at the age of 2.5-3 years hybrid of the races we have mentioned very few have started to yumurtlamam they may even start laying eggs. Lubrication is directly proportional with age of chickens.The decrease in yield is proportional to a chicken’s egg oiling. Therefore, the more lubricated egg production in hens decreases.

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Let’s see the most decisive factors in egg production. Indeed, the food that they eat are the most significant factors that cause to increase or decrease egg production. The chicken is your protein, calcium and vitamin that meets the needs of the eggs makes it more like. For example, in order to create the egg shell, the calcium your body needs. If in case your chicken DICE the peeled egg if it’s because this karsilanmadig the need for calcium. Foods such as eggshell or marble dust added to feed, this situation will improve soon.

Feed for egg production or artificial baits of all kinds produced by companies contained within the grain moves to the highest level. Bait sold under the name of various grains and milled a pressed state of the egg. These baits too improves your chicken egg production to meet the needs of all kinds of vitamins.

But the quality of eggs organic egg producers allegedly fell home most of the time in our country that doesn’t prefer bait. Poultry and egg production farms were used in the house is preferred, although we know that plenty of Salma. Feed wheat barley corn eggs just because they were able to gain more to gain by giving the abdominal to do this those who trade using usually prefer eating eggs.

Yumurta Yemi 68 300x168 - Egg production in hensI suggest the oath of the egg in the house to feed the chickens sometimes. Because your chickens to increase egg production outside their own needs and to enable them to continue their lives in a healthy way will be extremely useful to feed at regular intervals in order to supplement eggs. I don’t see a harm in the provision constantly. Barley, wheat, corn, and eggs, you can give a vow stirring constantly.

To give your corn will definitely improve the quality of the chicken eggs, but there is a case to be considered. Egypt-when you give your chicken plenty of food constantly causes fat to be lubricated, and allows the making of egg production. For this reason, there is a benefit for us being in Egypt continuously until we give it too much.

Egg production in hens

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