Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise and Weight Loss - Exercise and Weight Loss

The most important key exercise in achieving a successful weight loss and, more importantly, maintaining this weight. Those who stop exercising after gaining weight gain weight again, this possibility is lower in those who continue to exercise.
How many hours a day, several days a week? 
30 minutes a day is enough to do the activity. It may be three times in 10 minutes. It is good to do it every day of the week but if you don’t have it it should be done at least 3-4 days a week. This can be in the form of walking or doing a loved one. (Paint, whitewash, gardening, housework, etc.)
What is the most suitable activity to burn fat?
Aerobic (isotonic) exercises are ideal. So the big muscles in the legs, especially heart and lungs running the whole body such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, skiing, dance, climbing activities such as climbing. In aerobic exercises, major muscles are used that burn more calories and use more blood and oxygen. They accelerate the basal metabolism.

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What is the best exercise method to burn fat? 
-Maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) of more than 60%,
-more than thirty minutes,
-Wear at least 3 times a week with fat burning is possible.
Since it is practically difficult to calculate the VO2 max, an exercise is sufficient to reach 60-70% of the maximal heart rate. Maximum heart rate in normal weight: 220 – patient age in obese: 220 – (0.5 x patient age)
What are the Resistance (Isometric) exercises, what are the benefits? 
Weight lifting, working with gymnastic equipment, body building resistance exercises. They increase muscle tissue. There is no direct effect on weight, but they increase energy burning. They also increase durability.

Benefits of Weight Loss

What are the benefits of regular exercise? 

– facilitates weight loss
– preventing reuptake of the given weight
– Blood reduce the pressure
– improves insulin sensitivity, reduces sugar
– Strengthens heart
– strengthens bones, prevents osteoporosis
– lowers blood fats
– Increases Energy
– improves the quality of sleep
– gathers Exterior view
– Morale Strengthens
– It causes less drug use
– Increases basal metabolic rate
– Improves the thermal effect of foods
– Reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass
– Reduces morbidity and mortality
What are the metabolic benefits of exercise? 
-Plasma reduces insulin levels -Accept acute effects on leptin levels -Hipotalamus increases the level of CRR and CRH receptor mRNA.
-CRH increase Neuropeptide lowers Y-level
Increases the use of fatty acids
Exercise improves appetite? 
No, it reduces.
Do you have to exercise heavily to lose weight?

No. Light exercises such as walking, aerobics are enough.
How many calories are burned by exercise?
According to the person and the weight varies from one hour to 600 calories running – half an hour walking 200 calories
Is there another benefit to exercise?
If the diet is done without exercise, both muscle and fat will be lost, and exercise increases muscle tissue by increasing muscle basal metabolic rate and facilitates weight loss.
What does exercise do to accelerate metabolism? 
If the calorie intake decreases, the basal metabolism begins to decrease within 2 days. After two weeks, the decline reaches 30%. Thus, weight loss slows down.
Which organs are useful to exercise? 
– Lung
– Bone
– Indirectly all organs
Does the mental state of the exercisers improve? Yeah.
Should everyone exercise at the same capacity? No. Personalized sports program is specially planned by doctor and sports instructor.
Which exercises are intense, which is moderately intense? 
Intense exercise :
– Swimming
– Cycling
– Brisk walks
– Run
– Aerobic DSNs to moderate levels of exercise:
-The ladder to go
– work to go on foot
– to mow the lawn with the machine
– to deal with gardening
– Playing at home with the children in the garden

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if you plan the exercise program in a sports club What are the ideal features for this club?
-Sports program should be a doctor to follow and follow.
-Sport should be under the guidance of trainer
-not be near your house -Con’t
trapped -The conditions should be suitable for you
-Sauna, massage room, steam room should have additional services such as
-Emergency or possible
– Must be a specially designed diet kitchen and beverage section to eat and drink -It
should be a
private rest room -If it should be a special therapy pool -Clean
or a reusable towel, slippers, shower facilities should be able to
only weaken with physical activity? 
Yeah, but it’s a moderate weight loss. When the activity is released, it is immediately rolled back.
For example, a person doing sports for 6 months gives 3 kg, while dieting can give 12 kg. If the two come together, the possibility of losing weight may increase.
How many calories are burned a kilometer? A person with 10 kg phase-lane can reach the ideal weight if he walks? 
Approximately 100 calories are spent one kilometer. For one kg of oil you need to spend 7000 calories. For 10 kg you need to spend 70000 calories. So he must walk 700 km, which is very difficult. It should be done with the diet.
Which sports is recommended for those with restrictive disease such as osteoarthritis? 
We recommend swimming and in-water movements that put little strain on the joints.
What are the risks of exercise? 
– Most importantly, sudden cardiac death (0-2 / 100.000 heavy exercise hours)

-Duration and trauma

What is exercise?

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