Extend The Life Of The Vehicle With Small Details

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Some minor situations by paying attention to its vehicle for you in this article we’ll see how life can be extended.

What Is The Timing Belt And Why Is It So Important?

Assignment of the timing belt; crankshaft and the cam to ensure they are compatible with each other more. Timing belt; eccentric from the crankshaft, the rotational energy imports. Why is it so important when we come to the timing belt; and the transmission of energy between the parts so complicated to be doing, both at the time of the break of many parts in the engine are getting hurt. In the event of a sudden break of the timing belt, the engine valves can be injured thanks to the pistons, they can be bent or even broken. this cost may lead to the emergence of damages within the engine.So it is very important that the timing belt be changed on time.

Between 60,000 and 100,000 miles, depending on the brand and model of each vehicle between 1 or 4 years needs to be replaced.

Rupture of the sound of the engine after the timing belt change, exhaust and black smoke begins to beat.

What Happens If The Tool Is Used At High Speeds?

Any brand vehicle manufacturers produced vehicles in order to yield the best performance from R & D activities, they give much importance to. All these studies arise as a result of a speed range for the vehicle that is determined, and that the people who will use the tools in the tool it is recommended to use the RPM range.

Sometimes, however, the drivers, the tool is affected more than is necessary and constantly using high revs. Rpm is more than enough to use the tool, the Tool puts a strain on the piston wear, the vehicle wears out more quickly, his expulsion from the combustion of fuel and exhaust of the engine may cause it to overheat very heated.

So, by running the proper engine rpm from the vehicle, the most ideal is to provide the greatest possible benefit.

What Is The Air Filter Should Be Changed And How Often?

The main task of the air track as the name suggests, by clearing the air entering the engine, the motor, dust-free and clean air. In this case the air filter if it’s dirty, can not perform the task exactly in the engine and fuel usage increases. The result is fuel consumption. If the air filter is changed regularly because of continuous fresh air to enter the inside of the engine if gasoline consumption does not occur, and at the same time, more performance from the engine will be assessed.

Under normal circumstances 1 in 10,000 km air filter needs to be replaced. Anck ambient conditions as required by the vehicle on dusty roads if it has to be used in this case, 5,000 km air filter 1 should be replaced.

What Does Motor Oil Do? What Happens If Engine Oil Is Changed On Time?

The main task of the engine oil, the piston sliding in a more comfortable way hareet is maintained. Thanks to u, the pistons are exposed to less friction. With a decrease in friction will damage both the pistons (this way, the motor will extend the life of both more performance out of the engine by reducing friction can be obtained.

If the engine oil is changed regularly, if the pistons are damaged from friction and the engine will degrade the performance of both both. For this reason, the oil plug up, the motor and the engine do burn more quickly than aging, such as undesirable many situations may occur.

Would benefit to use high octane fuel?

High octane gasoline with the use of what you mean, of course, the market’s most high-octane fuels are not. By that we mean, high-octane, highest octane gas that you can use that tool to use. Otherwise you can use the engine and engine damage the engine more than a grade level in the ocean eskitirl.

However, the highest octane level fuel recommended by engine manufacturers that can use and the benefits of using are as follows:

  • The performance of the vehicle is increased,
  • The environment would be less affected,and
  • The engine runs more comfortable with the additives in fuel and extend engine life.

You Will Use Quality Fuel What Consequences?

To use poor quality fuel affects the engine in the first place. Also sekman also suffer from this condition. The heat of the engine increases and result in a loss of vehicle traction.

8 Ways To Reduce Fuel Consumption In Vehicles

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