Eye color change

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Eye Color Change

With a new method developed in America, you can achieve the desired eye color with an operation that lasts 20 seconds. The method developed by an American doctor gave positive results on subjects. The question of whether the eye color changes so that the answer was found. Eye color change is now possible with the new method. Developing the eye color change program, the doctor has now rolled up his sleeves to turn his discovery into commercial gain.

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Eye Color Change

Eye Color Change e1562333775450 - Eye color changeA medical intervention lasting 20 seconds in the United States has developed a method that makes it possible to change your natural eye color to the desired color. The doctor who invented the eye color change program had very positive results in his experiments. Having found a final answer to the question of whether eye color changes, the doctor began preparations to carry his invention to the commercial space.
American doctor. At the end of his studies, Gregg Homer was able to turn the eye pigment with brown pigment to laser light for 20 seconds and turn the eye color to blue. Doctor Homer, who succeeded in eliminating brown pigments in his experiments to obtain blue color, is looking for investors to develop his invention and to continue clinical tests. The doctor needs an investment of $ 750,000 to continue the eye color change program. Stroma Medical, who aspired to Doctor Homer’s discovery, concluded that 18 months of clinical research and testing were needed for the invention, which ended the debate on whether eye color changes. The company reported that the process would take 18 months.

Does Eye Color Change?

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How to change your eye color
The eye color change program begins with scanning the lens after taking a photograph of the lens. As a result of the scan, the areas where laser is applied by computer are determined. Eye color change program is applied to the detected area. The laser beams target the brown pigments in the lens determined after scanning. After 20 seconds of operation, the spots with brown pigment are shot several times by laser. But eye experts are worried about the method that claims to end discussions about whether eye color changes. Because some cells in the lens with the method is destroyed. Destruction of these pigment cells may result in more light entering the eye than desired. This can lead to blindness in the future.
eye color change e1562333983101 - Eye color change
Eye color change program primarily on cadavers Dr. Since 2010 Homer has experimented with live patients in Mexico. The doctor, who has achieved successful results on live subjects, continues his clinical research.
People use lenses that are cosmetic products to change eye colors. The demand for color contact lenses is increasing day by day. It is estimated that many people may have the choice if the new eye color change program is implemented as a successful health practice.
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