Fever in dogs and cats

Fever in dogs and cats

jack russell terrier dog is sleeping warmer on the head thermometer in the teeth temp humor - Fever in dogs and catsInternal and external reasons, from disruption of normal regulatory mechanisms in the brain fired to a temperature above body temperature.

In dogs, normal body temperature 37.8-39.2 º C, cat 38.1-39.2 º C). Puppies and kittens in the body temperature may be slightly higher.

These grades are based on the general condition of your dog’s or cat medication and may increase or decrease depending on the season. Above 40 ° C body temperatures is always important, so fire with fire is usually not as high body temperatures can indicate heat shock of heat stroke must be distinguished.

Among the causes of fever infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, systemic fungi, parasites), hormonal and metabolic causes, systemic infections, drugs and toxins in the lobby.

The most important symptom of loss of appetite and fatigue your little friend fire causes, include dryness in the nose, ears, tail and falls backwards. Constantly looking for a cool place.

Ears, paws, armpits and belly feathers of the regions where the density is low, such as can be felt from the fire with his bare hands. But, to understand the importance of the situation, we need to measure the body temperature with a thermometer rectal routes. For measuring; it should be used oral or a rectal Thermometer, ear thermometers are not suitable.

Medication without consulting the vet to give to our friends can be dangerous to put her paws armpits and wet cloths instead is a temporary solution.

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