Food Vessels Cleaning

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Environmental, genetic factors, improper diet there is a considerable increase in the rates of heart attack. There are healing foods that …

Food that cleans our veins, thanks to our risk of developing heart disease decreases. Foods that cleans the vessels here;

yesil cay - Food Vessels Cleaning

green tea

green tea lowers cholesterol, and cleans the vessels.

acai uzumu - Food Vessels Cleaning

Acai grape

Lower cholesterol and regulates blood flow, there are many benefits for the heart.

tarcin - Food Vessels Cleaning


Provides many benefits for the heart by lowering blood sugar levels.

badem - Food Vessels Cleaning


Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, protects the heart.

yulaf - Food Vessels Cleaning


Lowers cholesterol and protect the heart.

zeytinyagi - Food Vessels Cleaning

Olive oil

Countless benefits, prevents cancer, lowers blood pressure.

brokoli - Food Vessels Cleaning


It balances the level of calcium in the veins.

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