Foods That Increase Testosterone

TESTOSTERONE  - Foods That Increase Testosterone

The male hormone known as testosterone is important for the body. A direct effect on your sexual life, especially mass and Nov. Testosterone raises the level of the nutrients that we investigated. Here’s the most foods that increase testosterone levels…


The male hormone known as testosterone in the blood SHBG(sex hormone-binding globulin) by connecting the body, the organs moved to Nov development of the immune system, libido, body hirsutism, susceptibility to diseases, autism, depression, personality, and sexual orientation will play an active role on various issues such as the initiation of reactions which causes.

Male hormone the reason why it is known as a higher proportion in the male body. A grown man, for a woman, 40-60 times more is available, but it is a hormone that is found in the body of women. The balance of this hormone in the female body is very important. If you have more from a behavioral perspective, the impact would be high. Well, how does it increase testosterone? What are the functions of testosterone? Here, testosterone, and you need to know…


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Testosterone is important for sex determination. Out of a structure i.e. each embryo with XX chromosomes occurs. Is exposed in the womb, the level of testosterone, it determines the gender. In the fetus, testosterone creates gender impact of the Y chromosomes from the mother for 2 months. 3 most of the sex of the baby early. it is for this reason that can be identified from month. This hormone balance is very important. Produced enough testosterone in the womb, the child in the future if they are inclined to androgynous or gender change may be.

Of testosterone hormone the child’s right hand or left hand use so many different decisions that you’ll determines. Late studies and has been found to have a direct connection with brain function in children it has been observed that this hormone is the cause of speech problems.

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Boys in the last 3 months of exposure in the womb, testosterone is too high if it has been determined that is experiencing difficulty in speech. Inadequate testosterone in girls in the last 3 months by exposure to the opposite with a speech disorder has been observed. So, the unborn recent high-testosterone male children while creating a positive impact in creating a bad influence on the girls.

One other effective point of testosterone is the development of Nov. Nov repairing worn tissue, and yakilma the effect of oil is high. Of the body so that the developers care about a topic. If it cannot be upgraded to the level of natural nutrients with food supplements is completed. Especially from the age of 30, testosterone declines. Nov slows down the formation of tissue in the body becomes faster and fat if the level is falling.


1. Real Butter

2. Genuine Olive Oil

3. Eggs

4. Cheese

5. Lean Red Meat

6. Banana

7. Nuts (Cashew, Almond, Walnut, Hazelnut, Peanut)

8. Shrimp

9. That Contain Vitamin D Are Oily Fish (Salmon, Tone, Mackerel)

10. Broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and cabbage


The motive of competition and greed, people who are high in testosterone levels. To win the competition and increases the need. When you look at nature in general, they make a show of force in order to affect males and females as they occur in competition with each other. In a basic sense, is based on the instinct, so this male testosterone. The motive of greed, competition and the factors that bring success in business life because they are having a high level of these hormones can be good for your career.

Even necessary for your career, which is a hormone to increase testosterone must be carried:

1. Reduce stress and lose weight:the Stress which is produced by the cortisol hormone,prevents the production of the testosterone. So be careful not to make stress whenever possible. This hormone also reduces stress taking a toll on your whole body and production.To lose weight is too important. If you have excess weight if the production of this hormone are also reduced. Already the secretion of this hormone increases you will begin to burn fat faster. Healthy eating and exercise you can get rid of your excess weight may increase your testosterone levels.

2. Sports: Sports is everything to do with testosterone levels and increases good as it comes. Especially weight training to the muscles that will force the secretion of this hormone increases it. At the same time, if you run that much how much a group of Nov. Swimming, tennis, such as the squat movements more sports increases. Testosterone provides power at the same time. So the most difficult moves and force your muscles will be useful.

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3. Regular sleep: good night’s sleep for up to 5 hours according to studies the amount of testosterone was measured in the days of the men who dropped, and 10-15% is reduced at a rate that has been observed. Rest and sleep because sleep is the phase where the body, care should be taken to not necessarily properly organized. With falling testosterone little sleep, along with faster weight gain and facilitates the loss of Nov.

4. Avoid smoking and alcohol: because of harmful substances in Cigarettes causes the effect of lowering testosterone production. The decrease of this hormone in the body also cause many problems because it would enable you to indirectly. When you consume alcohol, the liver produces a substance when dealing with this ingredient prevents the production of testosterone. According to research studies, particularly testosterone substances in beer, has revealed that a higher proportion of affects.

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5. Eat healthy fats:the fats in natural foods take active part in the production of testosterone.Olive oil, butter, fish oil and the oils in nuts should be consumed necessarily. The diet due to the consumption of these oils is dropped when the level of testosterone a 40% fall has been observed. Remember, when you eat them, increased testosterone levels increase and accelerate the burning of fat tissue Nov. Of course, the decision unless it is consumed in corn oil, sunflower oil, margarine, artificial fats such as you should stay away from. Artificial fats reduces the level of testosterone.

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