Foods That Trigger Anxiety

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In the case of chronic stress and anxiety disorder, generally speaking, therapy, emptying the mind, exercise, and preventive medications are used for anxiety disorder. But anxiety disorder can be triggered by foods. These foods should be consumed instead of healthy alternatives. That triggered anxiety disorder 5 main food group.

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1) Alcohol

Although it gives the impression of calm the nerves, and causes water loss has a negative effect on sleep. Water loss triggers the symptoms of sleep disorder and anxiety disorder. Alcohol; very limited role (the hormone that increases the feeling of happiness) and the brain’s neurotransmitters (the molecules that allow communication between neurons) level changes, and this leads to worsening of anxiety disorder.

When the effects of alcohol wore off, the anxiety may become worse than ever.

Real alternative to alcohol. But to avoid side effects with alcohol-free beer may be preferred. Mineral water and alcohol-free cocktails also might be an alternative.

2) Caffeine

High levels of caffeine, to increase anxiety and nervousness, as well as in the body by lowering the level of serotonin leads to a depressed mood. On a low dose of caffeine is typically reliable, but leads to undesirable side effects in high doses.

3) Fermented Foods

Steak can lead to anxiety when they are fermented products such as cheese and wine. During the fermentation process bacteria, food proteins, biogenic amines parts. Histamine is one of them. System; digestion, hormones, cardiovascular and nervous system is a neurotransmitter that is worse. Anxiety disorder and insomnia in certain people can trigger. Of histamine to avoid, always fresh foods should be preferred.

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Is naturally present in many foods consumed as fruits because of sugar 100% is there a way to avoid. But added sugar as an additive, increase in anxiety. Added sugar will cause blood sugar levels to increase and decrease very quickly. Energy rapidly increases or decreases. This surge in energy also increases anxiety.

The body secretes insulin to stabilize blood sugar levels and absorb glucose in the blood. But your too much sugar levels will cause you to run too much for your body to return to normal. The amount of processed sugar consumed too much; feelings of worry, nervousness, and sadness triggers. Ketchup, some salad dressings, cakes and white bread, such as consumption of foods containing high sugar can reduce the amount of anxiety the feeling of soothe. Instead, greater amounts of fruits and vegetables can be consumed.

5) Heavy Creame3 7 300x168 - Foods That Trigger Anxiety

Usually the cream is ready to soften the bitter taste of coffee. But the cream of this genre, trans fats, known as saturated fats with hydrogen contains. Trans fats, depression, anxiety disorder and other health problems linked to this. Ready as an alternative to milk and cream additives, is available in natural cream.



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