For The Comfortable Sleep, Which Foods Should Be Consumed ?

sleep 1 - For The Comfortable Sleep, Which Foods Should Be Consumed ?

Everyone wants a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep is a form of sleep, but we consume some foods that can prevent a comfortable night’s sleep, while some foods, it can allow you to sleep nicely.

He wakes in the morning tired and unhappy some people. The reason for this unstable andinsufficient feed. The many food and beverage affects sleep. Facilitating the transition to the sleep process some foods, certain foods complicates this process. Of the stomach no more, and no should be blank.


Sleep habits foods consumed affect. Food consumed should be the time between sleep before going to bed. Caffeinated beverages should not be consumed before you go to sleep.Caffeinated drinks 4 hours before bedtime you need to eat. Coffee, tea prevents you to sleep while beverages like, milk, water and decaffeinated tea will allow you to sleep.


Bananas, magnesium and potassium relax muscles and promotes restful sleep due to its content. Yogurt and buttermilk in a continuous the effect of calcium it helps with sleep. Ricealso is effective during sleep. In addition to rice you will consume the yogurt will provide you with a good night’s sleep. Grain bread and white meat should be consumed for dinner. Your drink with this meal is ayran is the harbinger of a comfortable sleep.

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