Functional Training Techniques

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - Functional Training Techniques

What is functional training? In recent days, working with your own body weight from a rope and while doing so benefit the people who you’ve seen on social media. The idea is that those who are not about what they did, and for those wondering, this news we have the details…


Functional training, recently popular and functional movements practice. Usually this training is done while body weight and free weights are used. The goal of the group with a single motion as much as possible effective results in a short period of time and have to warn Nov.

Functional movements are exercises and Nov separate groups running together at the same time. Normally, the other muscles relaxes muscles while doing a certain movement. By focusing on certain regional groups to attempt bodybuilding and Nov other muscles are inactive. Functional movements with the muscles in a passive state aims to run. Thus, you burn more calories by making a single move.

The underlying logic in a short period of all the body more calories to activate the muscles and wasting. So very recently have become preferred. Tried and increased the interest of people in the gym and getting positive results has become to him a subfield prepared special programs.


fonksiyonel egzersiz - Functional Training Techniques

Today, most people in a desk job is working. She can’t get up from the floor for hours and hours when necessary. This is true for young people. Sit dormant for a long time because of computer games and Nov skeletal structure a negative impact on. Without moving from his work place due to some of the people who are forced to sit for long periods with almost no training groups Nov.

Non hamlasiyo the working muscles, tendons, and joints weaken. Forcing people is required in situations where the use of these muscles and then he’s in pain. Not only difficulty and pain out of muscles and joints weakened. Some sudden movements or reflexes painful and disabling . At this point, the functional movement.

is yerinde egzersiz - Functional Training Techniques

Acts, the majority of the muscles in the body, move his nature and his being. This is the basic logic of practice to work on the people who physically survive in natural conditions and the purpose of creation based on the transactions that you need to do. The anchor in the field when working with the muscles you use to climb a tree or you use the muscles that are being strengthened.

Also spread the fame of other effects of practice speed and time it saves . Big cities, always running to catch up somewhere, or the intense work pace at the sport is an advantage for persons who do not have enough time to. In that time, a load pulse is guarded and never did not land on the beat for the oil burning.


Functional training functional movements we talked about. Now we are talking about the most used basic moves. In this movement, again according to the numbers and the expectations of the people during the movement varies according to the characteristics of the body. Functional training is personal. The most appropriate set for you, and you can find it by trying the number again.



ziplamali squat - Functional Training Techniques

Was created by combining the squat with the bounce movement. Abdominal and lumbar muscles while performing the squat works the leg and hip muscles. Add a bounce, and also to work other muscles in the upper body and legs, is not guaranteed. The movement necessary to describe briefly how it is done primarily with the legs hip width opens. To provide the right balance across the hands and then extended parallel to the floor. If the neck is clamped around experienced balance issues. Knees, like a broken chair he was sitting on the squatting movement is made.The point to note here is the lack from the tip of the toes to the knees in the front. Like there’s a chair under you should be treated like. When your knees are in a 90 degree angle with knees in the air and is pulled towards the body ziplanir. This movement improves the functioning of the abdominal muscles.

2. JUMP Pushups

ziplamali sinav - Functional Training Techniques

Pushups movement in the head, chest, back, arm, shoulder, abdominal and back muscles are a part of the works. Functional motion test are added in itself a bounce, legs and hip muscles will be included in the study. Thus, both upper body and lower body can be operated with a single movement. When it comes to the preparation of the movement; move standing. Hands down, the bouncing of the feet and legs are placed towards the side sinav thrown back position is taken. After it is taken, sinav a, the legs thrown backwards and jumping around like the old hands there was in the same position.Then get up above ziplanir by the arms.Again in this way will be made.


yukseltiye ziplama - Functional Training Techniques

This act seem simple Nov running groups with a remarkable movement. The movement actively running, especially the lower body, abdominal and lumbar muscles are employed.Movement preparation; is done by jumping with two feet on the elevation you put in front of you. The elevation should be higher and to be selected at the level of the knee. When you get the upgrade, first one leg then the other leg should be reached by replacing. Off the jump, the two legs should be cut from the ground and at the same time simultaneously definitely is supposed to upgrade.


orumcek sinav - Functional Training Techniques

Normal sinav is done to make the movement harder. It difficult impact, legs, and abdomen muscles should be running more. As its name suggests sinav again for a leg parallel to the floor and the knee part is made from will be worth to the elbow. When sinav is made sequentially for each of the legs is changed. This movement requires the body to balance on the point of 3 usually because the muscles that are passive allows you to use.


agirlikli yukari itme - Functional Training Techniques

Basically this move is legs, shoulders and abdominal muscles that runs. Basis lies in the movement of weight lifters called breakout. The Viper is made with a cylindrical weight in the gym called soft. Any dumbbell or medicine ball will be in the house for another, such as with weight can be applied. Movement preparation; knelt to be at the level of the knee in the squat position weight started. Knees should be kept around 90 degrees, and sat in the chair as the situation should be taken.Then while pointing towards the body weight to the level of the jaw should be removed first, then the right way up and the elbow should be removed. This is a repeat. When it starts up from the squat position, the weight should be removed at the same time.

***Important: usually 3 or 4 sets with 10-12 repetitions in the form of Transactions is implemented. Beginners should be using only their own body weight movements without weights. Weight can also be used instead of rubber bands that will have similar impact. 5 above, the movement can be implemented by changing the order. This 5 movement when you apply the rest of the first set of the first set of general functional training and you have completed 2 minutes rest after the second general set you can switch to.

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