Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?

GANGLION CYST - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?

Wrist ganglion cyst are usually seen around the joint, which does not pose any risk of a fluid-filled cyst. Well, what are the symptoms of a ganglion cyst? Ganglion cyst treatment method is implemented how? Here’s the details…


Seen around the ganglion cyst wrist-gel-filled cystic formation. That is not malignant invade other tissues and organs. The most common mass around the wrist ganglion cyst-shaped growths. Soft and painless masses which has a structure, usually at the top of the wrist, although in the inner part of the wrist may occur.

Ganglion cyst is a fluid sac that are similar to dark inside, the sticky, colorless, transparent jelly-like substance. However, depending on the size of the cyst, this item can be found in solid or spongy structure. Capsule, which is surrounded by changes over time in the size of the cyst may give rise to ganglion. Over time, the cyst can grow and shrink, which also might disappear altogether. However, even if a certain force is lost in the face of the cyst over time re-occur.

ganglion kisti - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?

Usually the wrist ganglion cyst, ankle, and elbow joints such as the tendons and is seen in areas where they are located. Although the exact cause is yet unknown on the wrist of wrist ganglia in an overload occurring as a result of suggests that are likely to occur. In the case of overloading joints and tendons of the wrist ganglion cyst may develop depending on the strain.


ganglion kisti olusumu - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?


Ganglion cyst is more common in women as compared to men are usually seen after the age of 30 and 40. Rarely can a cyst be signs of ganglion in children under the age of 10. While the ganglion cyst is common in people who work desk, bankers, secretaries, people who constantly use the keyboard, musicians, software developers, and is a condition frequently encountered in people with knitting.

Ganglion Cyst Occur In Which Regions?

  • At the top of the wrist
  • In the inner part of the wrist (with zones)
  • In the roots of their fingers
  • In the palm
  • At your finger tips
  • In the outer part of the knee and ankle
  • At the top of the foot

ganglion kisti nerede olur - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?



The exact cause of the formation of ganglion cysts is not yet known. However, the received pulse due to disruption of tissue as small cysts occur as a result of the joint and combined forms of ganglion cyst these cysts it is believed.

One of the theories that are thrown into the middle of the formation of ganglion cysts in the other; the joint capsule or tendon sheath in the tissues of the joints that is caused to the ledge of the disorder is stated. Suddenly appeared, and any hazards which present a ganglion cyst, desk staff, to those who use the keyboard very often and a housewife in the ruins of the mesh in common.

ganglion kisti kimlerde olur - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?

Arthritis in finger joints close to your nails, wear and tear, ganglion cyst formation near the joints in the region, the risk is higher. Ganglion cysts in the past against other people who are predisposed joint, or the injury occurred in the beam comers.

ganglion kisti neden olur 001 - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?



Ganglion cyst usually occur around the wrist. Ganglion cysts occurring on the wrist joint or of another point that is commonly seen, joists, feet, and ankles.

Ganglion cysts are round or oval in shape, approximately 2.5 cm in diameter and are smaller.However, the size of the cyst can vary. Shrink and grow over time as the cyst may disappear, but missing the cyst again. Cyst ganglion cyst was found where the joints are frequently used, depending on whether growth can occur.

ganglion kisti bulgulari - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?

Ganglion cysts usually do not cause symptoms. However, if it resides on the cyst pressure is applied to the nerves, pain can occur. In this case, the in the region pain as well as swelling, tingling, numbness, and weakness may occur Nov. In the face of the small print or the size of the cyst does not affect the symptoms that arise. Pain due to ganglion cyst, joint movement may become more severe.

ganglion kisti belirtileri - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?



The diagnosis of ganglion cyst physical examination primarily. Ganglion cyst is a cyst that can be easily identified as the type of structure and appearance. However, considering every possibility, several tests should be finalized with the diagnosis.

In addition to physical examination in the diagnosis of ganglion cysts, a syringe and fluid intake may be required. Also the swelling with an ultrasound it is determined whether liquid or solid. Thanks to one of the arteries why it is determined whether ultrasound is lumps. Another MRI scan in the diagnosis of ganglion cyst of tests that have been applied.

ganglion kisti teshisi - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?



Ganglion cyst may disappear spontaneously, as this may show growth over time. May be used in the treatment of ganglia. First, the fluid within the cyst with a needle or removed by surgery. Inside the cyst the jelly-like substance after the removal of an anti-inflammatory substance is injected. After receipt of the cyst fluid is secured to your wrist with the help of the splint.

ganglion kisti atel tedavisi - Ganglion cyst what is it and how is it treated?

If a positive result is obtained despite the use of fluid and removal of the splint, surgery with complete removal of the cyst is achieved. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia, the cyst, along with a source of are removed. However, in some situations surgery for the removal of the cyst is required. The patient is difficult and the use of your hand or fingers along with numbness in his hand like needles, but if you feel permanent after surgery can be reported.

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