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Health Benefits Of Pearl Powder1 - Health Benefits Of Pearl Powder

Bright and glorious pearls in jewelry next to the image in the field of Health knows very few people that have healing properties. Most of them are regarded as jewelry or precious stones, although it can be made into a fine powder to be used for health care. Chinese people since ancient times, the ornamental use typical, except for use in the field of Health also known is a secret.

Former Health Secret

Almost every ancient civilization in the benefits of pearl powder are well known. Medication and cosmetics in China as the use extends to at least 320 MS and here by the emperors sought a healing source. Even the pressure of the emperors to exist even if he was doing it. It is mentioned in medical books of the Ming dynasty, as to promote healing and skin regeneration, expel toxin, was used to correct sun damage and age spots. In India, Pearl Powder have been used in Ayurvedic medicine. The Pearl is known to increase the overall strength and health is a component of love potions and is often among the details that. In medieval Europe it is widely understood that pearl powder also have therapeutic qualities. German and English works of the seventeenth century, and claimed that physical and mental effectiveness under various conditions, and at the same time he was also a famous philosopher scientist Francis Bacon, has proposed as a means for lengthening the life of.

Health Benefits Of Pearl Powder

1.Life extension: prolonging the life expectancy of both humans and animals in various studies in pearl powder, which are effective antioxidants and stimulates the production of biochemicals hopeful about and came to conclusions.
Silk beetles, mice, nematodes (roundworms), and pearl powder diet supplemented with fruits, according to studies by in some cases 50% or more, it was observed that the life time of significantly increased. The study in The Shape of animals and humans is complex and life prolonging properties, especially superoxide dismutase (sod) and glutathione (antioxidants, especially superoxide of two) is a result of it is believed that the ability to retrofit. Both of these antioxidants in the body, the connection is strong with long life. The course of the disease especially in the back of many effective DNA protection and repair and that help has been found in studies to prolong life has been found. Also measurable, prolonging life and promoting health which is associated with the Mao-B inhibit both enzymes.
14863 123456 300x300 - Health Benefits Of Pearl PowderThis powder also affects the various components of DNA and RNA metabolic activities, and thus cell regeneration and growth can support. Early human clinical studies generally show very positive and promising results, although further work is required to be carried out on this topic.
2.Skin and bone renewal:the
scientists studying the health benefits of pearl powder a special item called psoriasis the new skin, collagen and fibroblast and osteoblast formation, which is required for the regeneration of bone tissue that can cause have found. Fibroblasts, our muscles, our skin and the connective tissue that surrounds our organs that are abundant in “constructive stem cells.” Pearl, mother-of-Pearl actually, fibroblast regeneration by improving the form of your body to keep your muscles and can help strengthen your organs. Fibroblasts, wound healing faster a substance that gives the skin brightness and youth back. In addition, the skin wrinkles, while reducing the harmful effects of the sun by increasing skin elasticity and prevents sagging and other signs of Aging which could cause the formation of new skin cells and collagen stimulates the skin’s firmness.
Osteoblasts are responsible for new bone formation and stem growth. Museum d’histoire Naturelle in Paris in 1992, has examined the osteogenic properties containing psoriasis. Human Osteoblast psoriasis during the study was placed a layer of chips. Psoriasis of osteoclasts, which are close to the chip and then they pile they found themselves tied into the chips. Even more surprising thing, has created a complete new bone osteoblasts in the presence of an array of psoriasis. Psoriasis is what is causing this, we can understand how, for those wondering, the chips are only psoriasis has caused such minerallesmey surrounding osteoblasts.
In 2003, the same group of French scientists decided to research Pearl fills in the gaps in the lumbar spine of sheep and psoriasis experimental pieces are placed. This psoriasis is the placement of filler adjacent to implant the newly created psoriasis have found that is induced by the production of a layer of bone. In addition, psoriasis causes increase in bone mineralization discovered that the placement of the sheep.14863 inci tozu - Health Benefits Of Pearl Powder
One of the benefits of pearl powder on the planet is one of the most rich sources of calcium, and the weight 80% or more calcium. Not only that, but also a human clinical study in psoriasis comparing ni bio human and animal studies other calcium supplements, conventional calcium carbonate pearl powder is absorbed twice as much of supplements. The most common of these diet supplements in the form of calcium. Scientific tests, calcium and naturally occurring trace minerals essential for the human body in the Pearl of biologically compatible and has encouraged the development of new bone stated.
3.Calming and relaxing Feature: Maybe one of the best known and that cause the health benefits of pearl powder required to be a calming and relaxing property. For thousands of years, pearl powder, reduce stress, calm the nervous system, has been used to improve your mood and improve sleep quality. The reason for this is they discovered and scientists, and the scientific evidence presented. The overall calming effects on the body calcium, in addition to the evidence that raises the levels of GABA in the brain and body are among. GABA, anxiety, and chronic stress that is often missing in people with a calming neurotransmitter. In both animals and humans, the researchers also pearl powder of various receptors related to the production of serotonin in the body, it is useful and had warned. For this reason, many people finds pearl powder calming and balancing. With this feature, pearl powder, Chinese medicine remedies and is still used as the basic ingredient and also fast-paced modern day life and, in this sense, the greatest benefit of the providers.
4.Spiritually Activation: During the same period, Pearl, legendary as a tonic in traditional Chinese medicine shen is considered. Shen, penetrate into the body of the three “treasure” or energy. Shen in Mandarin, “spirit” or “God” means. And mind, emotions and energy in a person’s body is believed to be an ideal or policy. As a Shen tonic, it is believed that the energy of the powder and uyumlulastiraca has strengthened. Therefore, throughout its long history as a consciousness-enhancing drugs has been used as. But in practice so what does pearl powder do inquire for those who can be explained in the following way. Pearl powder that led to feelings of inner peace and tranquility with long-term use, it has been noticed that is emotionally calming and balancing. For this reason, many people also has created an increase in a visible mood of the Pearl, and meditation developed reported.
5.Intelligence develops: The biggest benefit of pearl powder on the brain, mind and influenced in a way that is incredible. Chinese scientists discovered that pearl powder can improve the IQ of children. In one study, more than 200 children with mental disabilities every day, and three months later bought pearl powder 750 to 1500 mg of the children in 92% of IQ of more than 80% has shown an increase. This increase in the range of normal. In another study at the University of Chinese medicine, pearl powder was investigated the effect of supplementation on rats. This powder which is better in maze tests rats for 12 days and non-found out that they are more immune to rats. In other words, has made the rats smarter and healthier.
6.Super Food: First of all, pearl powder supplements at the same time, strontium, copper, selenium, silicon, and titanium as well as essential trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron, such as rich, that is hard to get a food source. At the same time, all eight essential amino acids, and aspartic acid, Threonine, alanine, phenylalanine, Arginine, Methionine, Lysine, glutamic acid, Glycine, Leucine, Valine, Proline, Tyrosine, which are amino acids containing a quantity of including exotic. Furthermore, Cystine, Histidine, amino acids such as Taurine, which have a calming and relaxing effect. Reputation of pearls, which is one of the active ingredients in the remineralization of the cells in alkaline phosphatase, compounds and infection fighting properties. These compounds are to be understood scientifically, and began to investigate the amazing benefits, among other pearl powder.

As Reinforcement, How They Are Selected

This small but powerful pearl powder pearl powder contains all the nutrients which are selected in order to benefit from quality supplements. There are a few points to consider when choosing this supplement. First, it must be ground into an extremely fine powder, thus the body easily to absorb him in the first place is provided. Should be subject to a special process in order to do this, but any food in to avoid any damage to the matter at hand is an important detail. This should be in a way as minimally invasive as possible. There are three ways to do it safely and effectively: Lifting, mikronizasyon (or hydration) and the enzymatic process.
14863 maske1 300x200 - Health Benefits Of Pearl PowderThat must be understood about Pearl in one other important respect, for medical use, a jewelry class, non-cultured pearls require the use of pure. Otherwise very expensive and can be difficult. Supplements used in pearl mussels (fresh water) or oysters (salt water) are planted or grown in. Under controlled conditions and is grown and harvested in a sustainable manner for human use. In which there is some controversy about which is better diversity. But the truth is, they both almost has the same effect, and the proper processing and grinding of the above makes very little difference unless it is one of the technique used.
As with any supplement or natural applications in medicine, start slowly and gradually for your body to adapt at the high dosage must be started.

How To Use Pearl Powder:

• Can be consumed internally as a tonic. A refreshing tonic, to make the powder into a glass of water or fruit juice can be added to smoothies or mixed.
• Anti-aging and skin-strengthening topical effects may be used. To use pearl powder for skin, moisturizing lotion should be applied topically or mixed with small amounts of water as needed. To help penetrate the skin to absorb the skin by applying the product should be expected.

Side effects and interactions

Pearl; normal doses (up to 1 g per day) when taken has no known side effects and is extremely safe. However, as always, it is advisable to be careful when starting a new supplement. Should be started slowly and always in small doses and the body’s bio-compatible allergy test before hand to make sure that a small part should be done using or.
Recommended Products, General Information, research and studies have stated of products that are used in different formulations. General information a product of any disease in diagnosis, treatment or therapy is not suitable. Be discussed with a specialist is recommended.

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