Hernia symptoms and treatment

Hernia - Hernia symptoms and treatment

Stomach hernia and reflux is a condition that causes were identified as a result of endoscopic examination. Well, what is a hernia? What are the symptoms of a hernia? Hernia surgery is used to treat a hernia takes place and how..

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On the upper side of the stomach the muscles of the stomach down the esophagus as a result of the melting of sagging is called a hernia. On the upper side of the stomach muscles triggered by various elements that can cause weak and be able to expand with a hernia.Chest muscles weakened and enlarged a portion of the stomach from moving upwards by fitiklasir.

Usually a hernia is a common condition in individuals over the age of 50. However, depending on various factors, may be seen in individuals of young age. Hernia is life-threatening and life-limiting disease in some people, although not greatly, intermediate and Advanced-grade can cause reflux.

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In patients with herniation of the stomach although there isn’t all to reflux reflux 40% of patients hiatus hernia is seen. Stomach hernia increase in complaints and restrict your daily life to the degree that the most important factor that causes reflux. Reflux, the stomach as well as the size of the hernia also is an effective factor in the increase of complaints.

A hernia hernia or reflux of the stomach to be the biggest to be a cause of as in such cases, if your doctor saw fit for surgical intervention as a result of the examination and the examination with a complete solution can be provided. The size of the hernia stomach hernia surgical procedure implementation, and the degree of reflux is determined as a result of investigations.

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Slip a type of hernia (Sliding Hernia)

Usually acid reflux is connected with a slip type of hernia the most common hernia is a variety of. Slip a type of hernia of the stomach along with the esophagus in the chest cavity of the shift state.

Hernia Paraosefagal

Paraosefagal stomach hernia more common in women, overall, are less frequent compared to the shear type of hernia. Fitiklasmak stomach into the chest cavity if left untreated.Stomach hernia risk paraosefagal vital, must necessarily be treated with surgery.


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A hernia may be due to various reasons. Usually seen in individuals over the age of 55-60 hernia, with reflux complaints also 40% of people have seen. There are so many factors to lift the heavy load of pregnancy-effective in the formation of a hernia can be observed changes from person to person. It is possible to speak of genetic factors in the development of a hernia, we can indicate that.

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The most influential factor in the formation of a hernia in the abdomen in the arteries.However, there are many elements that cause increased pressure within the abdomen. To sort out the elements that cause to increase the pressure within the abdomen; nausea, vomiting, excessive moving of the bowels, long-term cough, stress, heavy lifting, excessive weight gain , and pregnancy services.

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The factors that play a role in the formation of a hernia hernia hernia triggered by attacks such as jamming plays an influential role in the growth of. At the same time that is effective in the formation of a hernia within the abdomen of fat pushing on the stomach to weight ratio facilitates fitiklasmay. Therefore, to facilitate the formation of a hernia, we can say that the main factor is excess weight.

If the pregnancy and delivery is another one of situations which could cause a hernia. The first effect of your birth the formation of a hernia may be subject to push. At the same time,people who are often constipated the risk of developing a hernia in the stomach is quite high. In short, the intra-abdominal pressure that increases to any situation, triggers the formation of a hernia.

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A hernia usually causes no pain, while the bed of the stomach contents into the esophagus and bend forward in such positions by escaping the feeling of burning behind the sternum and can give rise to rancidity. Even if the symptoms of a hernia a hernia occur in different ways from person to person depending on the type of vary.

A hernia plays an effective role in the variability of the size and type of the symptoms showing. Usually small hernias would give symptom significantly while the middle-and high-grade hernias, burning at the back of the sternum, rancidity, suddenly concentrated into the throat cough pain extending to the mouth of the food waste is one of the main symptoms of and at night.

Slip a type of hernia as well as stomach medicine paraosefagal hernias, difficulty in swallowing, which intensified after eating and symptoms such as a feeling of saturation are observed. Some paraosefagal stomach hernia stomach bleeding and the consistency of coffee grounds similarly, there may be vomiting of blood. This medicine necessarily of stomach hernias must be operated.

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Symptoms Of A Hernia

  • The feeling of burning behind the breastbone and rancidity
  • The coming of bitter water in the mouth and food waste
  • Damage from occurring in the teeth
  • Voice hoarseness
  • Incurable throat infections
  • Long-term cough
  • Asthma
  • The vocal cords polyps or nodules seen in
  • Cough from sleep
  • Breathing in his sleep
  • Recurrent pneumonia

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We can’t talk about a medication that completely eliminates the existence of a stomach hernia. Usually reflux and gastritis in the treatment of the patient as a regular diet to pay attention to what you’re eating is one of the main treatment methods. Changing the dietary habits of patients, as well as to keep in the upper parts of the head and body while sleeping on one of the main recommendations. In this way, concentrated cough at night, brackish water suddenly from the mouth and food particles are intended to prevent.

A hernia of people with chocolate, butter, coffee, carbonated beverages, and it is suggested that you refrain from smoking. The consumption of foods and beverages that create gas in the stomach by increasing the pressure in the stomach hernia of the stomach will cause your symptoms to increase.

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Hernia treatment of various based on the recommendations of the doctor. Need some sort of if this your doctor’s advice; Avoid eating 3-4 hours before bedtime, avoid excessive consumption of fatty foods, to restrict the consumption of coffee and tea, avoid smoking, we can say that measures such as eating less and less often.


To decide the size of the hernia a hernia surgery is the first treatment, and are examined for complaints that are caused by the damage caused. As a result of this review, all analyses may deem and decided to have the surgery as the doctor. Stomach hernia is surgery to completely remove the exact solution.

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A forth grade in consideration of the size of the hernia, and whether the size of the tear in the diaphragm is examined. Accordingly, the method of surgical treatment is referred to as a last resort. Damage to esophagus and to stomach lose the function of muscles at the entrance due to a choking hazard if involved in the treatment of hernia, surgical intervention is applied.

Hernia surgery with the overflowing instead of part of the stomach are drawn and re-measures are taken to prevent flooding. Generally, laparoscopic surgery avoids a large incision to be preferred. Laparoscopic surgery in patients with fairly small the process is completed by opening a hole.

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