Hiccups what are the causes? Hiccups what would it be?

hiccups 1 - Hiccups what are the causes? Hiccups what would it be?

Hiccups what are the causes? Hiccups and what would it be? one of the questions the questions the answer you’re looking for most citizens. Many people, children, young and old, in the days suddenly begin to sob. The problem is that hiccup is mostly not recognized as a serious problem, contrary to popular belief it takes a long time, if vital organs such as the brain and heart could signal a problem. Well what causes hiccups? Hiccups what would it be?

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What causes hiccups?

Sob, chest cavity and abdominal cavity following an involuntary contraction of the muscles called the diaphragm that separates the vocal cords of the larynx occurs by the sudden closing of the region where they are located, and during this time you will hear a sound. 2-6 seconds these contractions in the muscles between the ribs that are repeatable from the diaphragm to another can be detected. Hiccup occurs with that affect nerve stimulation to act.

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Hiccups are usually short lived, and such short-term hiccups, it does not indicate illness. For example, in infants, hiccups, or hiccups seen in people who eat too fast and swallowed air, excessive laughter, more smoking and alcohol use, excessive stress such as ingestion connected with organic disease of the air in situations that are not short-term, temporary hiccups. Hiccups sometimes recur frequently, it may take longer. 2 days of hiccups-1 month takes between stubborn, intractable hiccups lasts longer than 1 month is defined as.

Hiccups what would it be?

Hıçkırığın az anlaşılmış bir fenomen olduğunu söyleyen Denizli Devlet Hastanesi Nöroloji Uzmanı Dr. Şükrü Daloğlu, “Hıçkırığın yararlı fizyolojik bir durumu şimdiye kadar bulunamadı.

Speaking to noted expert Dr. for termination of hiccups that should be increased of carbon dioxide, “carbon dioxide by breathing into a paper bag, we can reduce hiccups like this. The only method that can be done on our own. Consult a physician if yakalanilm is in a state of too much and a stubborn hiccups. Persistent and intractable hiccups in a few different drug that we we spend it by giving it. We do not recommend some methods were made familiar.

For example, keep breathing, drink cold water, grunert, fear, and lemon to drink occlude the outer ear canal can cause diseases and different methods are wrong,” he said.”

If you get hiccups constantly, beware!

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Intractable hiccups weight loss, and symptoms such as difficulty swallowing with esophageal cancermay be a symptom of.

An Irish scientist, persistently not exceeding hiccups, weight loss and difficulty swallowing could be a sign of esophageal cancer with symptoms such as said.

James Connolly hospital in Dublin specialist Dr. Tom Walsh, in a speech to a meeting of some esophageal cancer patients with “intractable hiccups” complained of reported.

99 in a study on cancer patients, 27 percent of patients, “intractable hiccups” complained hiccup due to the percent of 6 percent if they were to go to the doctor.

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hiccups has not ever been accepted as a sign of cancer, noting that Dr. Walsh, hickirma the relationship between the cause of disease is not known exactly, but intractable hiccups in cancer patients is being caused by a nerve in the diaphragm that would be, he added.

6 in the world. esophageal cancer, which is the most common cancer, each year about 400 thousand people, which is determined in. Smoking and alcohol use, is considered among the most important risk factors.

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