How Can We Be Obese?

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Body mass index (BMI = BMI = BMI = body mass in-dex) and waist circumference with the measurement of obesity. That is, when we divide our weight by the square of our height, the number is BMI. 
For example: 1.72m tall and 89kg weight: 89 / (1.72 x 1.72) = 30.2. 
According to waist circumference measurement: 
Increased Risk High Risk 
Male> 94cm> 102cm 
Female> 80cm> 88cm 
Waist / Hip ratio: Man 

> 0.95 Woman> 0.80 is central obesity. 

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Who does the body mass index measurement give incorrect results? 
Muscular athletes 
in pregnant 
children in adolescence
It is not used for advanced 
diseases in elderly people (such as congestive heart failure, renal failure). 
Is it important to have too much waist circumference? 
Waist circumference is indicative of central obesity and is associated with insulin resistance. Therefore, diabetes mellitus is associated with type 2 (diabetes), hyperlipidemia (hypertension), hypertension and coronary artery disease. In patients with a waist circumference greater than the above threshold, precautions must be taken before the mentioned diseases occur. 
How is the body fat distribution measured?
Measured by various methods. In practice, waist circumference and hip measurement, skinfold measurement and bioelectrical impedance method are used. When the alternating low voltage electrical current flows into the oil layer, it encounters resistance and the impedance inversely proportional to the amount of water is measured. Muscle tissue is high in water (70%) while fat is low

Furthermore, DEXA can be measured by computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR). 
Is the same risk for individuals with excessive waist circumference, even though BMI is normal? 
Yeah. Waist circumference measurement is more sensitive than BMI. This group should be approached as a risky group. Metabolic syndrome should be investigated.

What is Obesity, Metobolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance?

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