How cook corn cob

how cook corn cob - How cook corn cob

How cook corn cob is one of the most popular dishes of the summer. So how it is boiled corn ? Usually we are used to eating on the street boiled corn to make it soft to know the tricks need to know. If you’re wondering how corn is boiled, here’s the answer:

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How is boiled corn boiled, which can actually add flavor to many dishes from rice to salad? Boiled corn, generally seen as a street flavor, can actually be made at home. If you’re wondering how to boil corn at home, here are the tips on how to boil corn:

How to choose Egypt?

Before moving on to the question of how corn is boiled, it is necessary to choose the right corn. 
The best way to understand a good corn is to press it with your hand. A good corn is always soft and can break down when you press it with your hand. Be sure to check this percentage when buying corn.

How cook corn cob ?

To boil corn :

1. Separate the selected corn from the leaves. – Don’t throw leaves –
2. Place the corn in the pressure cooker. Divide the corn in length into two.
3. Place the leaves separated from the corn between the corns.
4. Add water over the corn with two fingers.
5. Close the lid of the pressure cooker and put it on the stove.
6. Allow to cook for at least 1 hour.

Enjoy your meal!

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Here are some tips to make corn more beautiful and delicious:

First of all, you should know that boiling corn takes time. You should allow to boil in water for at least 1 hour. Otherwise, corn grains will remain hard, so you may have difficulty eating. Another trick of boiling corn is not to throw salt into the water while cooking corn. The discarded salt will prolong the cooking time of the corn. If you love corn salty, you should eat while eating.

If you wish, you can throw sugar with the tip of a teaspoon when corn is boiling. This gives both corn taste and softens.

The benefits of boiled corn do not stop counting.

Protects against cancer
Benefits for pregnancy Nutrients 
are important for heart health. 
It has preventive effect on Alzheimer ‘s. 
Increases energy. 
Lowers cholesterol. 
Helps to lose weight
Prevents diabetes and hypertension. 
Good for eye health.

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