How Jaw Surgery Is Performed?

WHAT IS JAW SURGERY - How Jaw Surgery Is Performed?

Reconstructive surgery of the jaw shifter have a direct effect on your facial expression and know the details about what we do.


The structure of the jaw, just like the nose is the main element that have a direct effect on the facial expression. The appearance of the face that affects a significant proportion of a big mouth and a small curve in terms of aesthetics and the expression on the face situations such as having an unpleasant appearance can cause negatively affect.

Be ahead or behind the jaw as well as the state of being large or small can be observed. In such cases, surgical interventions such as a nose job just three dimensions and various shapes can be made to the structure of the jaw.

cene estetigi - How Jaw Surgery Is Performed?

In addition to being dissatisfied with the jaw structure and the image of the person, eating, talking and laughing in situations such as difficulty depending on your experience, also you may need jaw surgery. Jaw surgery and shape varies depending on the nature of the source of the problem. Relative to the upper jaw surgery or lower jaw are made.

Acquire your chin to your face applies enlargement or reduction processing on behalf of a natural and beautiful appearance. In some cases, insufficient bone development in the upper and lower jaws, incomplete and can cause a bad appearance. Aesthetic interventions on the jaw with insufficient bone development in a variety of situations can be brought to the desired state.


cene kucultme - How Jaw Surgery Is Performed?

Chin Augmentation Surgery

The tip of the jaw, if the jaw is smaller than normal size and structure for the introduction of 3 band surgery is done. The first makes an incision in the lower lip and jaw bone with surgery are entered on. After this cut, the tip of the fixed jaw plate by pulling towards the front of the bone with the help of a video or are placed into their new position.

The second operation method, from the inner part of the lower lip or through an incision under the chin is entered in. Then placed on the implant into your jaw bone mandible jaw bone of the appropriate size. With the last option 3. fat cells obtained from the method of surgery, the patient is injected under the skin. Thus, making the jaw appear larger and fuller.

cene buyutme - How Jaw Surgery Is Performed?

Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin reduction surgery is usually longer than normal or if it is in front of the tip of the jaw is made. Inserted from the inner side of the lower lip and the bone is shaved. Thus, it is guaranteed to be the size and shape of the jaw.

Chin augmentation surgery in the face of the jaw by providing appropriate sizes and shapes as having a more ideal appearance is obtained.

cene estetigi kimlere yapilir - How Jaw Surgery Is Performed?


  • Persons over the age of 18
  • For those with disorder or skeletal problems in the mandible
  • Percent asymmetry have
  • Chewing and speech disorders
  • Aesthetic complaints
  • To be in the front of the lower jaw (prognatizm)
  • Of the lower jaw backward (mikrognatizm)
  • Be placed to the right or left of the chin
  • The tip of the jaw is too big
  • The tip of the jaw is very small
  • Be ahead of the jaw tip
  • The tip of the jaw is behind



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