How long do cat live ?

How long do cat live - How long do cat live ?

We will look for answers to a frequently asked question in this content. How long do cat live ? Let’s take a look.

Cats are one of the creatures that have made friends with humans for thousands of years. Unfortunately, our cat friends cannot live with us all our lives. In this article,How long do cat live ?  Will try to answer the question. Of course, there is no clear answer to this question. The age of cats depends on many factors such as their place of life, living conditions, breed.

How long do cat live - How long do cat live ?

House cats live 3 times more than street cats

Our cat friends live on average between 12-18 years. However, our friends who live on the street may not be so lucky. Most of them can die before they even see their age. The life expectancy of street animals would not be exaggerated to say as much as one third of an animal cared for at home. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of cats on the streets is very short due to car crashes, violence by people, epidemics, hunger, thirst, and fighting with other cats.

The longest living cat

The longest-lived cat to date is known as Creme Puff, the cat who died in 2005 at the age of 38 . Nutmeg, considered the oldest living cat in the world until last year, died at the age of 32.

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What should we do to extend the life of cats?

Our cat friends can live with us for much longer with care and care. So cats of our friends what we can do to spend a long and healthy life?

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  • Get to know your cat. Getting to know your cat gives you a lot of insight into his or her health status. By detecting minor changes in it, you can prevent a possible health problem early
  • Do not interrupt veterinary checks.   It is very important that you do not interrupt your cat’s routine vaccinations and routine controls.
  • Take care to feed. Our cat friend must be fed age and so on. balance according to the conditions.
  • Keep her weight under control . It is very important that cats have the ideal weight for a healthy life. Excessive weakness or excess weight adversely affects your cat’s health.
  • Exercise. Although not as much as our dog friends, our cat friends also need exercise. You can give them little exercises by playing them with their favorite games.
  • Love, love.  Love is the most important thing for your cat to maintain a healthy life. If you provide your cat with an environment in which she is well loved and happy, you will lay a solid foundation for your cat’s healthy life.

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