How many calories in bananas?

how many calories in bananas e1560585510977 - How many calories in bananas?
She loves banana very much and also complains about calories; If you are dieting, “Do you know how many calories in a banana,” he says a lot, immediately take a banana in your hand and sit back. Because we start the banana diet!
how many calories in bananas e1560585510977 - How many calories in bananas?

Sodium, potassium, protein and magnesium rich in bananas, contains plenty of vitamins A, E, K. This fruit, one of the main nutrients that help digestion, balances blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke. Thanks to the maintenance of calcium balance, it also strengthens the bone structure. It is one of the most commonly used nutrients in reducing kidney stone. And how many calories are bananas that are good for all this?

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One large banana is 120 calories, a medium banana is 95 calories, and a small banana is 90 calories. Calorie may have come to your eyes a bit, or even in the diet you “do you know how many calories, bananas” may also say … Do not mind. Especially if you are doing sports, you should consume bananas for its benefits such as maintaining heart rhythm, strengthening muscles and lowering blood pressure. Does banana make you lose weight?

Does banana make you lose weight
If you are trying to lose weight with a healthy diet program, you should make sure that the calories you consume are less than the calories you take. Banana, which contains plenty of vitamin C and fiber, has satiety. Although it is not recommended to consume bananas every day during the period you are trying to lose weight, although you are worried about the high calorie consumption; all you have to do is to pay attention to which days and meals you consume bananas in your diet.

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How Many Calories in Banana with Yogurt?
Imagine that the energy of bananas is combined with yogurt and accelerates metabolism. This duo is one of your biggest supporters when you are trying to lose weight. 100 g fat-free yogurt is 58 calories, and banana yogurt is 119 calories. By adding yogurt to banana, oats and chia seeds, you can also contribute to the full-time.

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home sweet banana yogurt in a glass jar

How Many Calories is Banana Milk? 
We know how effective banana milk has been consumed together for many years. So how many calories in milkshake? Two bananas consumed with a glass of skimmed milk are 173 calories. Considering the richness of vitamins and minerals of bananas three times a day to be consumed with milk, the body allows you to benefit from these nutrients without fat.

What is a Banana Diet?
Regardless of how much prejudice the banana should be consumed when trying to lose weight due to its high calorie, we should not ignore its contribution to the process if consumed correctly. According to miraculous slimming programs, banana makes a healthy diet the center of your life according to your consumption. Enzymes in bananas accelerate the digestive system and allow the intestines to absorb nutrients more quickly. Banana diet is of course one of the diets that you can apply without leaving regular calorie control, but it should not be kept longer than 1 week. The way to lose weight is possible not only by the consumption of certain foods, but by controlled consumption and sports.

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Banana list
The banana, which also plays an important role in the secretion of serotonin, can be consumed in delicious form with many cures and makes you both happy and healthy during slimming!

Banana yogurt cure
1 bowl low fat yogurt
2 bananas
5-6 pieces of beaten walnuts
1 teaspoon cinnamon

You can consume all the ingredients by mixing or passing through the robot.

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Fruit Smoothies

Banana milk diet 
Morning: One medium banana and a glass of milk (you may prefer soy milk or lactose-free milk)

Snack: One medium banana and green tea (flavored green tea are also preferable)

Lunch: One medium banana and a glass of milk

Evening: one medium banana and one glass of milk

Intermediate:  one medium banana, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of turmeric and optionally ginger.

Lets you lose 3 pounds in 3 days. Even if you get fast results, it should not be done more than 3 days to maintain the balance in the body and lose weight.

Japanese banana diet 
When you wake up in the morning: One medium banana and a glass of warm water

Breakfast: Any amount of bananas and two glasses of warm water

Lunch: 4 spoons of vegetables or grilled, plentiful salad

Evening: One bowl of soup and seasonal salad

Search: One medium oversized banana, one teaspoon cinnamon

Snacks after dinner must be before 20:00. You should take care to consume around 19:00. The banana you eat should be at room temperature. Eating bananas at breakfast will help you start your day energetically and speed up your metabolism.

Keto Diet

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