How Many Hours Do Cats Sleep?

chaton dort - How Many Hours Do Cats Sleep?

Cats sleep most keen creatures. How many hours a day cats and sleeps well, he sleeps a lot What are the factors that affect the duration of sleep and why? A cat, on average, spends 12 to 16 hours of day sleeping. But sleep is very light. Ever vigilant as they fall asleep, and at the slightest noise, they can even wake up. In fact, sleep is the activity for them. Sort of a hobby.

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Cats What are the other factors that affect the duration of sleep?



Our cat how much we love them there will be times when we do have enough time for them. To sleep out of boredom, especially in domestic cats is a common condition. To reduce your cat’s boredom, her various cat toys you can get.


The cat’s age, a direct effect on the duration of sleep. He spends almost all day sleeping kittens. Since the development was not fully completed yet, just as humans sleep, it is imperative that in order to grow, also new born cats for the same reason, are slow-moving. Like cats old Cats new born sleeps more than usual.


In essence awakened at dawn, cats are predators. Already Dawn is the best time for hunting. For cats of them small and non-aggressive enough for almost any live prey. This hunting action target detection, tracking, chasing as such, is composed of sections quite tiring. House cats hunting for their food, even if it needs to hunt for you to enjoy. Cats get their energy for hunting sleeping again.


Excess weight reduces the mobility of almost all living things. As tembellesmek increases the weight of the Cats. They become more sedentary and obese cats are regular cats, the energy is used up quite quickly. This also will cause you to sleep more.


Sleep more than usual when we’re sick, and we need to rest. If your cat normally sleep and increased the duration of durgunlasmis and attack while moving, this can be a sign of a disease.

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