hortum nedir - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

In recent years, we often hear that the nature of the hose is what? Hose how and why does it occur? In our article you can find the answers to all questions regarding this weather event.

What Is Hose ?

Hose, so the bottom of the cloud layer of Cumulus clouds that form part of the base and reverse movement in the form of a cone with the wind turned down with a weather phenomenon that occurs from the ground up. Generally cone-shaped, but the funnel-shaped or cylinder-shaped ones are also available. Even most of the time, our country strong for the Hurricanes, who cannot be seen, long and thick like this because they are in the form of a thin cylinder with a garden hose they may look like. The reason why they are called hose.

hortum nedir - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

Tornado Is Formed How?

Hoses are formed due to sudden temperature and pressure changes. When the warm air rising up from the earth by evaporation it cools and forms clouds Cumulus at the border. If water vapor rises too quickly, if it rises to the level of the Cumulus because of the difference between the large temperature rapidly cools, clouds will begin to be absorbed by and here.Warm and moist as the air rises, the cold clouds above sucked and instability occurs.High to low, i.e. the pressure drop in the hot zone causes a pressure change of cold into heat, and severe winds creates. The cooling water vapor condenses to form heavier with the wind, and the weather begins to turn. This rotational movement becomes increasingly vertical with the impact of the rise of the air, and a hose consists of a spiral takes shape.

hortum olusumu - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

Hoses occurs from the moment the hot air moves up more quickly and accelerates the rotation effect cloud formation. Cumulus clouds are concentrated as a result of rain and hail, and sudden temperature changes occur. Loaded with intense lightning and electricity creates a dense cloud layer jumps. Dense clouds darkening with the weather, heavy rain and hail accompanied by lightning and scary gives rise to a weather event causes it to fall.

hortum nedir nasil olusur - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

What Are Types Of Hose?

Hoses usually occur because of high rate of temperature change on land. In some cases, there are hoses that occur on the lake or the sea. To those who occur in the lake and the seawater hoses . They’re dangerous if you’re near the shore or in your boat. Move towards shore water hoses. Usually they lose their power when they got close to the shore. After a period of not more effects on this land are destroyed. But when you are on the water are dangerous.

hortum cesitleri - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

Black on the hoses as mentioned above can occur in different ways. The reason of this severity and magnitude of the hose. According to these criteria , F1 and F5 between are classified. F5 is the most severe level and the level of the hoses have the power to cause great destruction at this level. F5 level measured at the date of the largest hose and the hose in the United States have occurred in the state of Oklahoma has been measured to be 1.5 miles wide and the diameter of the cylinder. Large trucks and buses fly through the wind to great damage to vegetation cities and they have the power to F5 tornadoes.

Super Cell

super hucre - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

Severe tornado that creates a kind of air. Extreme weather are caused by vertical wind and dense in regions where the variable occurs. In fact, they are some kind of storm but due to the rotational movement, the hose can be very confusing. There are 3 kinds of Super cells:

1) Rainy Super Cell

In regions where humidity is low are formed. Because it is arid, rainfall is low or not ever.Usually hail will bring. Never just before it rains in the form of hail can occur in super cells.According to others, the weakest and the hoses are restricted due to lack of moisture for air movement would be short-lived.

az yagisli super hucre - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

2) Classic Super Cell

Classic Super cell with hail and rain may occur. Most of the hoses occurs in this way. These storms can produce tornadoes with F5 intensity.

klasik super hucre - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

3) Rainy Super Cell

Where there is a concentration of water vapor in moist areas occur. They form very heavy rain and hail to fall. Heavy rain and dense cloud cover makes it dark and sight is weak. In this way, it may be too late discovered the hoses when they were invisible. The tornado that caused the deaths of most variety. F4 and F5 tornadoes are usually strong degree could have produced.

bol yagisli super hucre - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

The Hose Can Be Blocked?

Hoses occur as a result of sudden temperature changes in large areas since they is not possible with the current technology of prevention. But the events of the hoses is formed in unstable air. With this in mind, the damage to the atmosphere due to mankind with each passing year, the incidence and severity of the hose is also increasing. For example, in the last period of this weather event which is unusual for our country were established. The reason for this is caused by human nature.

hotum engellenebilir mi - HOW THE HOSE IS FORMED?

As a result of air pollution disrupts the balance of the season, and the gases emitted into the atmosphere, with unstable weather occurrences is triggered. The damage to nature and the environment continues, natural disasters will increase. Other natural disasters such as tornadoes are also very destructive to nature is reduced when the damage will be blocked.

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