How to Burn Calories

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You can only weaken safely and healthily by making some changes in your way of life. Suggestions Here:

You can lose weight safely by changing your way of life without going to a high-price diet club without special foods.

How to Burn Calories - How to Burn Calories

1- One of the most important reasons of fatness is to snack between meals . For a lot of water when you want to snack.

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2- You should not have too much food in your refrigerator. In this way, you do not have to pay and the reason why you want to snack is eliminated.

3- Get plenty of sleep. Thus, you will receive the energy you eat while you are asleep.

4- Avoid alcohol, cigarette bread and carbohydrate foods as much as possible.

5- Try not to be in dark places and to sleep 1 hour in the evening. If you want to watch the series of movies at dinner time, watch in the dark, not in the darkness.

6- Have breakfast every morning. Having breakfast will give you the energy to consume in the day and you won’t be hungry at lunchtime.

7- When you desire to eat between meals, listen to your favorite music. Research shows that when you listen to music when you eat a favorite food in the same region of the brain is warned.

8- Do not eat anything that is definitely standing.

9- Always for green tea every day. According to research, drinking green tea is very useful in burning calories in the body. Try to drink three cups of green tea a day.

10- Adapt to the food you eat. Do not eat while watching television, reading something, or responding to your e-mail. 11- Go out. At least twenty minutes a day. Try to sit outside or walk. Because daylight allows you to control your desire to eat
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12. Health consumed with food. When you eat out, ask for a children’s menu or uncooked salad.

13- Do not overload yourself. When you are doing your diet program, try not to fall below one thousand two hundred calories.

14- If your house is in the garden, take care of gardening. One hour of gardening means you can burn 500 calories.

15- Stairways walk up the stairs instead of going out by the elevator.

16- By doing housework, it is possible to eat calories. Take care of small household chores.

17- Skip the rope. This is a great exercise and is much more fun than others.

18- Eat often but eat less.

19 – If you love chocolate, eat a small piece of chocolate every evening.

20- Do not stress yourself , remember that everything starts in the brain and ends in the brain.

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