How To Color Your Hair With Warm Water To Open?

6404 sac rengi ac 185141kg 300x192 - How To Color Your Hair With Warm Water To Open?

Change the hair color, every woman has during some periods of her life have crossed your mind. But hair dye hair damage is pretty big. Besides, once you must always have colored hair boyatild. This thrashing also causes your hair thoroughly. It is possible natural ways to lighten hair. Chamomile water is a process that can be done with this in a fairly simple manner. Hair Color the hair with warm water that will not harm the process of opening a process. As both the paint does not need to be constantly repeated.

6404 sac rengi ac 185141kg 300x192 - How To Color Your Hair With Warm Water To Open?

The opening of the hair with warm water because it is a natural method, such as a hair dye all kinds of colors can not be obtained. With this method one’s own 2-3 tons of your hair color, a light color can be obtained. In this way the hair shall be joined to move. If desired, only certain places the hair by applying to the hair or balyaj ombre effect can be created.

For the purposes of this application, the hair dye should be passed through the process before. The dye is a chemical process.

The application is quite simple. The necessary materials only water and dried chamomile. Chamomile can be dried in the sun pack up and transfer can be obtained.

A handful of dried chamomile in a liter of water will be enough. Daisies in water boiled for 10 minutes. Chamomile is filtered after boiling to avoid parts of the hair. Are expected to cool. Then apply to dry hair. Is applied to the hair, while upon request, or can be applied directly to the hair by pouring can be applied to only certain places. Ombre hair in a ponytail and can be applied to the three parts just for the effect. After applying, you certainly are required to be in the sun. His hair in a way that faces the sun for half an hour or an hour to dry by resting you will have to wait.The color of your hair so it will be opened. On the first time cannot be expected to have much effect. After applying 3 or 4 times, the difference is clear.

After application, the hair has dried after you wash chamomile to purify water. Chamomile water can harm the hair in the hair to remain. This app should not be done every day. Two days with the Dec can be repeated. Or every other day can be done. Opened up to 3 tons of hair when applied two days apart 2-3 weeks is obtained.

It is recommended that the app be made in summer. The most effected by the sun because the summer time months. In practice, by taking a spray bottle before you go out to the hair can be tightened.

An allergic condition with very little testing before being applied to a lock of hair to be protected from would be useful. In this way the hair in the tone of the opening can be detected. Tint shall be freed from the possibility of disfavor.

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