How to make milkshakes?Here’s strawberry milkshake recipe…

cileklimilkshake - How to make milkshakes?Here's strawberry milkshake recipe...
How to make milkshakes?Here’s strawberry milkshake recipe…
How to make milkshakes? Milkshake strawberry milkshake recipe here, especially in America is a popular drink. Only producing and selling chain brands both in Europe and in America it is possible to find the milkshake. More known as a summer drink milkshakes have been wondering about. Here’s milkshakes milkshake recipe and tips on making…

The first appeared in the 1880s, it is estimated that milkshake. Well, how to a milkshake? During the summer months is usually smoked banana milkshake, strawberry, chocolate and kiwi types. How to strawberry milkshake in our reporting we? we will answer the question. Here’s strawberry milkshake recipe…


First, the blender and prepare the content, then you must follow these steps:

According to the amount you want to prepare in your blender add milk. Preferably full fat milk will have a more intense flavor so that you can use to prepare a milkshake.

Again, depending on the amount you want to prepare, add 1 or 2 scoops of ice cream. Varieties of ice cream may vary depending on your taste buds completely.

Add ice to your blender.

Add your additional material. Here also depending on your creativity, you can get a very nice mixture. If you want to add vanilla ice cream with strawberries, fruit in general, bananas with chocolate ice cream is very delicious.

If you want to get a more authentic taste, caramel syrup, oreo or chocolate sauce, you can add particles.

First quickly, then more slowly milkshake mix

If you want to get an extra scoop of ice cream a more intense taste, you can add a little more milk if you want a lighter flavor

Pour milkshake into a glass and serve that you have prepared.

fast food 7 custom - How to make milkshakes?Here's strawberry milkshake recipe...A STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE HOW TO PREPARE?


1 cup of cold milk

2 Top vanilla ice cream

100 g strawberries

1 tablespoon sugar

2-3 ice

Chop the strawberries blenderda becomes pure and large. And then the ice cream, mix with blender until sugar and milk are added and kopurunc. After it is poured into the glass, optionally with a mint leaf is completed

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