How to make organic fertilizer?

How to make organic fertilizer  - How to make organic fertilizer?

With the use of domestic waste, it is possible to obtain organic fertilizer for your plants. With this process, it is not only easy for the plants to grow healthily, but also for the minerals to be enriched and efficient in their soil. You can find information about organic fertilizers in your home and fertilizer

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In recent years, organic fertilizers made from food residues have been used frequently. While there are several different ways to create this organic fertilizer, it is very easy to apply each of these pathways. With the start of popularization of the process, organic fertilizer cans were started to be produced. These organic fertilizer cans or buckets prevent the growth of pests in your garden with the decay of foods during fertilizer formation.

Before you start producing organic fertilizers, you must decide what type of containment you will use.

If you have a small garden, you can create a portable can or plastic bucket, and a large organic fertilizer for large areas.

If your garden is large enough, you can build a fixed hopper from the timber and unused wooden crates where you can collect your waste. Wood fertilizer containers are used to create worm fertilizers.

The other alternative in this area is the fertilizer containers, which are specially produced for the production of homemade fertilizers and preferred by those who are short of space. These fertilizer containers are mobile and you can place them in your garden.

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Collecting Material for Organic Fertilizer

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After you determine the enclosure you will use for organic fertilizer, you can start collecting and storing materials. If you want to obtain a good organic fertilizer, you should not store everything. Food waste that you can use to create high quality organic fertilizers include eggshells, vegetable and fruit scraps, tea and tea bags, increased meals, cut grass, newspaper waste. Never use meat, fish, chicken and dairy products for organic fertilizers.

You must organize the waste that you collect for a good organic fertilizer in specific layers. In the lowest layer, dry leaves and small pieces of newspaper should be placed so as to form a layer of 3-5 centimeters thick. On top of that, you can place cut grass and residual food as a sponge against waste food liquids. You can place some soil on top of this second layer and allow the formation of microorganisms that will help to form fertilizer. You can use these layers for the organic fertilizer until the space you have filled. You can add water on it as it dries.

Mix well after 3-4 weeks. Good organic fertilizer should not be too dry and too wet. You can use a little more water to moisten the mixture during this turning process. Your organic fertilizer is ready in a few weeks when it turns brown and smells like earth. After that, you can use your plants to ensure healthy growth.

Making organic fertilizers will be easier with the experience you will get over time.

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