Important Straits and channels in the world

dover - Important Straits and channels in the world

Throat and what is a channel?

The narrow sea between the two Black Sea that joins the two parts of the”throat” is called.Has a very important place in the Straits of world economy and international relations. To be of economic importance, providing people with a return from time to time, even the artificial Straits that we gave the Channel Name has made great discoveries decided.

For example, the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal to the Red Sea reveals the economic importance of the Straits. The natural ways of the Straits, two spontaneously formed geographical feature that separates the land. Channel, and the throat that serves as an artificial throat that separates the two land using the power of the people.

Istanbul Strait

istanbul bogazi - Important Straits and channels in the world

The Bosporus, the one that connects to the gateway between the Black Sea and Marmara is the place. Generally Northeast – southwest orientation. Istanbul ‘s Asian and European sides as it separates into two. Straits settlements located on both sides of the Bosphorus, it’s called. The Bosphorus, Marmara Sea and Dardanelles Straits and the Turkish Straits. The natural boundary that separates Europe and Asia is considered. The Strait of Istanbul during the fourth geological period were formed. However, this is not known for certain on the formation of the throat.


The Dardanelles

canakkale bogazi - Important Straits and channels in the world


3. A geological period occurring during after the breakdown occurred. Length is 65 km, the widest part of the throat 5800 m, 1250 m narrowest point. Undertow is available in the waters of the Bosphorus in the Marmara Sea salt with water because the rate of 38 per thousand to 26 per thousand in the Aegean, the rate of flowing salt water, Black Sea water reverse defluxion of the encounter.

Also the waters of the Bosphorus the Bosphorus, the narrow curved around the throat and rips the throat from place to place is facilitated and the presence of mass has made it harder for advocacy to cross. That was the First World War we saw in Canakkale impassable. If the Dardanelles had been crossed; will be sent to Russia for help, and it would end up with larger losses in a short time. Because it did not pass the Dardanelles and Russia’s withdraw from the war to the fall of regime is provided.


The Strait Of Gibraltar

cebelitarik - Important Straits and channels in the world

The Strait of Gibraltar, connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean is the western parts of the Strait. In terms of its location is very important. The most important Strait of the Strait of Gibraltar, the Suez Canal has gained importance with the opening of even more. The Strait of Gibraltar from the Iberian Peninsula to the Atlantic countries and the coast of Africa extends. That connects the throat to England officially in 1713, between Spain and the UK has caused problems. A referendum in 2002 the people of the region to the sharing of sovereignty between Spain and the United Kingdom are reviewed.

Does the name come from and of Gibraltar?

In ancient times, the throat which is called Calpe, later with the Arab army commander Tariq Ibn Zeyid name has been called. “Jabal” in Arabic means mountain. Gibraltar“mountain of Tariq” .


Babul Mendep Throat

babul mendep - Important Straits and channels in the world

The Red Sea and the Indian Ocean (Gulf of Aden), which connects the throat with a length of 32 km, between the coast of Yemen and Somalia. Strait on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula was under Ottoman control, which is a part of the time.


The Strait Of Hormuz

hurmuzbogazi1 - Important Straits and channels in the world


Hot water in the Strait of Hormuz and into the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean mixes.Sattularap starting at the mouth of the river Northeast and southeast of the Strait of Hormuz, the Persian Gulf, extending to the length of approximately 85 km. 1980-1988 between the dates of-long Iran-Iraq war is the focal point of. The 1991 Gulf War has been due to work.


The Strait Of Messina

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The Strait of Messina separates it from Calabria region of Southern Italy island of Sicily to the Strait. The most important port cities on the Strait of Messina on the island of Sicily located on the main continent of Messina and Reggio Di Calabria.


The Bering Strait

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The Bering Strait, the Strait between the most westerly point of the most eastern point of Asia with America. The position of a geographical boundary between Russia and the United States, together with America and Asia is a place where most are close to each other.Approximately 40 to 50 meters in width has a depth of 92 km of the throat. In the north Chukchi Sea ( the ocean) to the south and the Bering Sea ( Pacific Ocean) to connect. The name Bering, Danish Explorer of Russian descent last year this Strait in 1728 Vitus from her and took it. The formation of this ice age is estimated to be in the throat.


The Strait Of Magellan.

macellan - Important Straits and channels in the world


South America South of the Strait of Magellan is the Strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The main continent separates Tierra del Fuego archipelago.

This Archipelago shared between Argentina and Chile. The Strait of Magellan, before the construction of the Panama Canal, although a bit big importance today, are still being used by many ships. The water level of the tide, the differences prevailing in Patagonia, strong winds, causing strong currents and waves.


The Straits Of Malacca

malakka - Important Straits and channels in the world

The Strait of Malacca, between the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, a narrow Strait is 805 km long. When viewed from an economic and strategic perspective, the Strait of Malacca is one of the most strategically important Straits. Throat, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean between the main Sea is the world’s most populous India, China and Indonesia through the sea connects. Commerce giants, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan connects it to international trade.


The Strait Of Dover

dover - Important Straits and channels in the world

Europe is the Strait that separates the island of Great Britain. 185 Length, the narrowest place is 35 km. To the east of the Strait of the North Sea, located to the west across the English Channel. Historically the Strait which has an important position militarily.


Important Channels In The World

Kiel Canal

kiel kanali - Important Straits and channels in the world

The Baltic Seais located in this channel is important in terms of transport. Brunsbuttelkoog from the mouth of the River Elbe in the North Sea, located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, reaching up to holtenau located in the port of Kiel. The width is 103 m, 11 m depth of approximately 42 m in height has seven bridges on the channel.

The purpose of this channel; to the north was made to provide a shortcut to go between 1887-95 warships. Previously, ships having to go all the way around Denmark, through the channel of convenience to affect the conditions of war was provided.


The Panama Canal

panama - Important Straits and channels in the world


The Panama Canal, located in the south of Central America, Panama is located on the territory of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific oceans a waterway that connects. Among the most difficult engineering projects in the history of the making of the canal. Even during the construction phase of this channel there have been thousands of people. The idea for the project about 1500 are thought to Panama, but the work, under the leadership of the French in the 1880s, however, have been initiated. During the construction of this channel, in this land of spreading diseases such as malaria and yellow fever; about the channel for the duration of the work 27.500 given life. A ship of approximately 10,000 km to the journey along with the Panama Canal decreased. From the introduction in 2002nearly 800,000 ship through the Panama Canal until the year has passed. If you want to have more detailed information with the Panama Canal, “Panama Canal Growing “ you can check out our news.


The Suez Canal

svey k~1 - Important Straits and channels in the world


The Suez Canal, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea that connects a channel. Is located west of the Sinai Peninsula. 163 km long, the narrowest point is 300 meters wide. Sea transport between Asia and Europe but also in Africa without the need to wander around the channel to be made by provided. The most important channels in the world among.Sailors come a long way to the Suez Canal before it is made or raised the idea of this channel without having to go to the roundabout. Of The Suez Canal because it has made a huge gain in terms of opening the Ottoman Empire in the Ottoman territory was taking place.Non covers and the world’s longest Canal. Also, compared to other channels, the possibility of accidents less day – night transitions are being made.

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