In children the risk of obesity and portion control

children and obesity - In children the risk of obesity and portion control
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Healthy snacks for kids that they can eat outside

When examining the lifestyles of children who suffer from obesity, typically too many calories, not enough non-active, or it has been found that children who experience both of these two factors. The calorie intake of these children; too often they eat too many calories and greasy foods and eat more snacks the next and full fat milk, fruit juice or fizzy drinks was observed. This is one of the most important factors in what you eat portion control to prevent weight problems.
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Children to avoid getting too many calories, the first step is identify the dimensions of the portions of a serving size and what kind is the need for the child. Put food on your plate so we could eat, especially if you request to finish your plate every time, usually not a good idea. Instead, healthy weight gain you need to the instructions to obtain information from about the size of servings and portion control you need to make in the light of these instructions.
Nutritionist by the amounts of servings are as follows:
• Child, toddler portion size; adult size must be equal to a quarter of servings.
• Pre-school or school-age children (children from about four to eight years old) about a third of an adult portion size should have the parts.
• Begins to approach the size of servings serving sizes for older children and teenagers to adults.c8 4 300x168 - In children the risk of obesity and portion control
Especially given the portion size in obese children with toughness cannot be obtained if more can be given. However, this should be limited, especially with vegetables and other side dishes. A second portion of the main dish has the most calories but which generally is not a good idea.
Portion Control For Children
Single serving portion sizes to help control food portions is another great way to learn and to try to limit the child.c4 16 300x200 - In children the risk of obesity and portion control
For example, many sports drinks are recommended when serving size 8 oz 32 oz bottles offered for sale while it is shaped like approximately 1 ltlik. If the child drinks the whole bottle of if you are not 50 calories 200 calories in a single serving. Large menu selection with a menu selection in another example proposed in the hamburger, the person it takes about 420 calories. Is usually located also on the menu, burger, fries and a Coke, a pack of 1160 by the consumption of calories is taken. At this point the important thing to understand as a single package or container with a single serving of food which is served should never be treated.c3 14 300x199 - In children the risk of obesity and portion control
Understand and control your portion sizes and servings when consumed in labels in order to make it more healthy packaged foods by selection of 1 of calories to be taken the knowledge is an important step. And two, three, or even five servings a servings may contain only a portion of a package that is not considering that the adjustment must be made.
Control Your Portion Sizes To Your Child’s
In children the size of other tips that will help you better control portions at home and abroad include:
• When you eat smaller portions or slices in restaurants may be in the form of orders that must be chosen, and never a larger size should not be prompted for anything.
• Only single serving or bite-sized snacks to take should be careful.
• If more than one portion of food to be taken in the form of the labels are examined and the size of a single serving of Food re-packed it has to be. For example, if a cookie, a bag of a single serving cookie if he says 3, then the child will be given a package of cookies that should be placed on a plate 3 or in the form of cookies.c5 9 300x200 - In children the risk of obesity and portion control
• Children will want to eat more than one serving directly, since a packet should be allowed to beat a snack of ice cream or one.
• Young children between the ages of 1 to 6 100% fruit juice shall be so allowed to drink only 4 to 6 ounces between 113-170 gr, while gr only 8 to 12 ounces per day for older children so this amount must be between 225-340.
• Children at the age of two in feeding fat-free or low-fat milk should be used. To drink milk to get enough calcium in their diet, and while encouraging, should not be caused to consume milk extreme.
Healthy Snacks
The problem of childhood obesity one of the other issues that could have caused unhealthy snacks once or twice a day are performed.
The biggest errors parents make when giving snacks to their children, some of them routinely high-fat snacks and high-calorie snacks to provide. Too many snacks offer calories that it takes the kids all day and eating junk food in an uncontrolled way.
The child can make their snacks healthier, and portion control may be provided to adhere to the general plan:
• Usually early in the morning for children, afternoon snack, strive not to, while for those of school age and older, after school, before bed and often should be kept in mind that a snack should be given.
• Restrict junk food only 100 to 150 calorie portions, this cuts to an extra transform of junk food dinner.
• The consumption of unhealthy junk food that can be prepared with healthy snacks so they can be prevented.
• Do not allow snacks to be very close for lunch or dinner.
Healthy Snacks For Kids To Choose
In addition to three regular meals, kids snacks often throughout the day will consume calories eating modestly. But more imported snacks extra calories, sugar and fat. This increase the risk of childhood obesity as well as healthy snacks, like fruit snacks or candy, especially sticky foods, may compromise the health of children’s teeth.
Snacks, low-fat, low-calorie ones and fresh fruits, including a good part of the diet of children.
Healthy Snacksc7 4 300x150 - In children the risk of obesity and portion control
High in fiber and vitamin C, low in fat and sugar free, fresh fruits, bananas, grapes, oranges, watermelon, etc.), as well as consumption of foods that are easy for children to selection.
• Raisins, dried fruits such as prunes can increase the risk of tooth decay sticky foods that children might think that while the child brush and floss your teeth after eating to clean with should be provided.
• 100% preparation of canned fruits in fruit juice or water
• Low-fat sauce or pepper sauce which can be served with carrots, celery, broccoli or raw vegetables such as
• Low-fat cheese, homemade milk products such as yogurt and pudding
• Some breakfast cereals, crackers, cereal bars, baked chips, and popcorn (without added butter) or pretzels, which can include full-grain snacks
• 100% fruit juice made with ice cream
• Nuts, fat-free and low in calories even though it is not only a single portion as in case of defeat Dec Dec can be considered as a healthy snack.
What you drink while eating a snack, children may also be important. Many children when they get their daily snacks of fruit juice, tea, soda or fruit drinks. This snack can greatly increase the amount of calories they take time. Instead, drinking water, low-fat or fat-free milk and 100% fruit juice should be limited.
Healthy snacks for kids that they can eat outside
That can eat the healthiest snacks for your child outside the home child’s age, energy and activity level will depend on what we eat during meal times and preparing. For example, if the child is very active, plenty of water to nourish your body instead of talk about extra carbs and calories needs a lot of. At meal times, or a certain food group (i.e. protein or vegetables) is inclined to refrain from, and prepared snacks in this food group Highlight. Intense a sport or going to a game is bad before meals and snacks, avoid this game.
Are some of healthy snacks that can be prepared for children and young people;
• All fruits: apple, banana, pear, nectarines, grapes, cherries, slices of melon, kiwi, pineapple, plums, tangerines and citrus fruits such as oranges.
• Nuts, seeds, dried fruit and fruit bars created with
• Cheese
• Hard-boiled egg
• Dry cereal (less than 5 grams of sugar per serving)
• Whole-grain crackers or baked chips
• A small amount of butter popcorn with salt
To help children stay healthy and happy to pay attention to portion control, preparing healthy meals is one of the most important steps to. Children under the age of 5 raw vegetables, grapes, nuts, and popcorn are a choking hazard into small pieces without forgetting that services should be prepared.

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