In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11

Fertility - In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11

Male fertility and healthy sperm in men is defined as high quality. According to research, the male sperm quality is lower than compared to the past, and every day continue to fall. For those who have an expectation to get his wife pregnant for a long time, lifestyle changes, and you can find some pointers with the chance to increase fertility. To improve sperm health and improve male fertility side here 11 recommended;

1-) The Addition Of Some Antioxidants On A Diet
Medications that are known as antioxidants, cancer and heart disease fighters. These medications can also increase male infertility. According to the researches; in addition to sperm count in men antioxidants in the field of DNA damage, the antioxidant was found to be less than the sperm of men who are not. In addition, some researchers believe that antioxidants additional men when they took over, the couple has discovered that have higher rates of pregnancy.
Many antioxidant, although it is very effective in improving the health of the sperm ones are available. These antioxidants include;
• Zinc: crab, oysters, poultry,red meat, and legumes.
• Vitamin C: red peppers, kiwi, oranges and grapefruit, such as is found in fruits and vegetables.f6 1 300x200 - In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11
• Selenium: is found in high amounts in Brazil nuts (1 serving 780 percent of your daily recommended value % provides). Also tuna, cod, beef, turkey and chicken.
• Vitamin E: nuts, oils and leafy vegetables found in Yesil.
• Folic Acid : Veal liver, Yesil vegetables, fruits, beans and peas often found in fortified cereals.
• Lycopene: apricots, tomatoes, watermelon and pink grapefruit contain.
Made more of these antioxidants can be added to the diet. By knowing that too much of something but not the decision to eat these foods in. For instance, Brazil nuts are eaten every day is recommended.
If you think antioxidant supplements; it is recommended that you discuss your decision with your doctor. Because if there are different drugs that are used can interact.
2) Increasing The Frequency Of Intercoursef2 5 300x139 - In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11
Having a baby is desired first if needed, but to bring the time of ovulation to coincide with the time of entering into a relationship. However, to keep your sex life active throughout the whole month of research to help improve the quality of sperm is explained. The researchers “Often sex is important for the health of semen,” he said. Intense activity in the health of your sex life so important in terms of sperm that is emphasized.
Studies over a period of less than two days occurring during sexual intercourse, semen quality has shown that are of high quality. In a study of about 3,000 men, these individuals attached to them considering the number of days of sexual intercourse, sperm motility (how the sperm swim) and morphology (sperm shape) has been reached on the scientific data. According to this study;
• In men with low sperm counts, sperm from sex was found floating after a day of staying in the best way. The Shape of the sperm to zero, after a two-day abstinence, in the best condition.
• Normal sperm count in men with a 10-day process, the health of the sperm after sex has declined significantly.
• Sperm to have sex at least twice a week to keep it in the best condition should be examined. This is just ovulation period and intercourse should be restricted.

3-) Soy Intake Should Be Paid Attention To
According to researchers, their eating habits, the minister in a research study too much soy can be bad for male fertility, and that can affect your sperm count is concluded. Besides this, only eat tofu for those who do not, this study doesn’t mean it will be valid. Soya, soy ground beef patties today, is found in many foods, including energy bars and health drinks.
In the study, men who ate high amounts of soy sperm count, lower than men who do not eat was found. In fact, men with the highest intake of soy, men who do not eat these foods than 41 million / ml less sperm than there is. Foods that contain soy but that may not be all bad. By other researchers, it was found that these foods may help prevent prostate cancer.
For those who think what should be done; studies on soy and sperm count men who are overweight or obese found that gave a stronger reaction to rob. In addition, sperm concentration was higher soy intake is so low.
4) Avoid Toxic Chemicals In The Workplacef9 2 300x194 - In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11
For those who want to increase the quality and number of sperm; it can be effective to make an assessment of the work they do. Research; farmers, painters and varnish that uses professional disciplines, yielded an increase in the risk of infertility.
As a group, Farmers, painters and those who use varnish compared with men working in other fields, the possibility of the sperm count drastically drop, and the rate of infertility tend to be much higher.
Another occupational group metal and welders; sperm motility, is one of the occupations that the frequency of being bad is higher. This high-cases of poor sperm health and infertility the cause is unknown. A possibility, paint, varnish, metal processing, and agriculture (e.g. pesticides) chemicals likely to be harmful to the sperm. For Metal Workers, which reduces the sperm count it could be an overheating problem. In one of these fields is also currently without an easy answer the question of what should be done for the employees is a tough question.
Researchers have found that poor sperm health for men who work in this profession was while working in this position what will happen if they change their jobs, while productivity is to avoid causing harm whether male or still haven’t found yet. As an indicator of common sense; avoid touching as much as possible toxins in the workplace, mask fitting, special clothing or gloves should be worn to protect it from the chemicals in their bodies among the recommendations are to be worn.
5) Smokingf7 2 300x169 - In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11
In addition to having much reason to stop smoking, factors affecting productivity may cause the sperm to be effective. Quitting smoking significantly effective in male sperm count and quality. In studies on smoking and sperm quality, reduce the number of sperm and health of this habit, and also the decline in the movement of sperm (sperm ability to swim) and have shown that affects many aspects, including The Shape of the sperm.
IVF treatment and IVF fertility treatments such as ICSI, ICSI treatment, the researchers also when applying this treatment has a significant negative effect on the success of smoking cigarettes .Men also smoking, it was determined that are detrimental to the fertility of the female partner. According to research, women who smoke are subjected to low IVF success rates and possibly increase the risk of pregnancy loss that has been found.
6) Keeping Cool In The Male Reproductive Organs
The rest of the reproductive organs and fertility in men begins with you. Keeping warm this reproductive part of infertility may decrease. Considering the risk that the temperature may affect fertility of a laptop, the laptop is recommended to be placed on the table.
Male reproductive organs outside of the body below normal body temperature to keep. Which is normal body temperature 98.6 F (37 degrees) can damage the sperm can be kept at temperatures above.
The male reproductive organs to maintain control the temperature of these points must be considered;
• Being in a prolonged hot bath and a hot tub should be avoided.
• Stay in a sitting position for a long time should be avoided. According to research, is located inside the pouch sit for a long time can increase the testicular temperatures of the skin where skrotal. The ones who have desk jobs or stop and crawls that minimizes the risk to make the long journey. This concentration is also good for the business, thus can increase energy efficiency and at the same time.
• Vehicles should not be run seat heaters in the winter. On some vehicles, the seat heating for the cold winter mornings sounds like a good idea, even though the mechanism in normal scrotal temperature may be higher.
• You should not work on the laptop on the lap. A laptop computer on your lap, and the computer and the computer produces both the position of the leg merged to keep scrotal temperatures to higher values because of the heat it can bring. In order to prevent this risk is to be brought into the habit of working with a laptop computer on a desk can be a useful step to increase male fertility.f5 2 300x169 - In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11
• The varieties of men’s underwear baksirin the long-term use in male fertility-friendly whether it is the subject of debate. Some of the studies of the boxer is beneficial use while other studies are harmful. The important issue here, the lack of underwear worn tight, too narrow and, if a breathable fabric is used – the selection of underwear that will probably be an important factor.

7 ) Ideal Weight Control
What can hurt male fertility, as obesity could be the cause of many diseases. A way to increase the weight to bring it back to a more healthy level of male productivity. Being overweight or underweight, this can disrupt hormone balance and to decrease the number of sperm may be the cause.
Check the weight values whether or not ideal weight the body mass index (BMI) should be checked with excessive or to be weak in case of need should be made. As a result of a study on thin men, those with BMI less than 20 per cent of low sperm count and sperm concentration were 28.1 percent under found. In addition, the release of the hormone FSH, which plays a role in the reproductive system weak and is reported to be higher in men.
In a separate study, men with obesity have low testosterone levels, and increases in the levels of BMI, an increase in the likelihood of a decline in the number of sperm has been observed. For example, to 5.32 per cent for men with normal BMI % was found to have low sperm counts. Overweight men have low sperm counts in low sperm counts in obese men and 15,62% 9,52%.
8) Alcohol Intake Should Be Paid Attention To.
It might be okay to have an occasional drink, but may damage fertility extreme. . In a study on men who are alcoholics, non-smokers, and the percentage of those who do not drink alcohol compared to 37% it was found that only 12 percent have a completely normal sperm count and health.Imported alcohol increases the amount of decrease in sperm count, normal sperm and sperm quality deterioration in the form of a decrease has been observed.
In another study, couples who have IVF treatment at IVF so when looking for every alcoholic beverage consumed per day for each male, the risk of causing stillbirth was found to increase 2 to 8 times. This negative situation, especially in the case of IVF treatment within a month of smoking applies. However, other research did not find a relationship between men’s fertility with just a few drinks.
In this regard, especially individuals who drink alcohol; these drinks several times a week instead of daily use, would minimize the harmful effects of alcohol believed that, although IVF treatment for those downloads zero alcohol intake is recommended.
9) care should be exercised to ensure the health of your teeth and gumsf3 5 300x180 - In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11
Regularly scheduled; as dental care can keep your teeth and gums healthier can help to maintain fertility. Bakteriyosin or in the semen of the male genital organs that can be found in the presence of bacteria, can cause male infertility.According to the results of a research, bacteria found in the semen of men and in 23% there has been improvement after antibiotic treatment only. Some men get better with antibiotics the researchers present in all of them he did a dental exam and they were able to identify untreated dental problems.
In another study within the patient group, dental problems treatment, dental treatment and six months after the measurement is made again in the semen of patients. Two-thirds of the improvement in the health of the test group sperm was seen, and there has been an improvement in both sperm health in the third.
10) From The Western Diet Should Be Avoided
To investigate the effect of healthy nutrition on productivity in a laboratory environment is difficult. Because the individual held in a lab for a year, fed her, and it is impossible for productivity to be kept under control. In this regard, the only possible relationships are under the spotlight was tried to be taken and the conclusions reached. The Western diet pizza, processed meats, sugary snacks, too many sugary drinks and refined grains such as foods containing too fastfood-style diet. According to research; this feeding habit, as is well known, as the male herteldensite bring many health problems have negative effects. Select healthy sperm, which is required for healthy proteins (fish and chicken), a lot more vegetables and fruit, healthy oils (such as olive oil and nuts) eat more whole grains and consume can be obtained.
11) Treatment Of Existing Health Problems

f4 6 300x159 - In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11

To treat underlying medical problems, can help increase fertility. To be honest with the doctor about your current and past health history, it is important to increase fertility. For example, untreated diabetes , especially cause retrograde ejaculation can lead to infertility. Even without symptoms, and was diagnosed with retrograde ejaculation if you need to test your blood sugar. One in three people with diabetes are not aware of the disease.
An untreated infection can cause infertility in men reproductive system or urinary tract. For example, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) may cause a decrease in sperm motility and recurrent STD infection, may cause defects that may prevent the passage of semen. Some infections, infertility, as well as have no symptoms, so regular testing is important.
Other medical conditions that can cause infertility , thyroid disease, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease , Cushing’s syndrome, and anemia .These diseases is often overlooked. For example, a diagnostic is common to wander for years with thyroid problems, usually before it is put to someone’s.f8 2 300x130 - In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11

Male fertility-related and non-normal situations to get involved in the voicing of these concerns in the cases that if a person’s self-eating affect mental and psychological health. Before you decide to have a baby, first it should be known that it is recommended to consult a doctor; a male who improved with each passing day new solutions that increase productivity in the health sector can be found.

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