Information about the hippopotamus

Hippopotamus - Information about the hippopotamus

Imposing with the image of Hippo is a giant animal. What do hippos eat? Hippopotamus where does he live? How Hippo animal? We have provided a fun article that contains information about the hippopotamus. Let’s see how the Hippo he’s a beast🙂

Hippopotamus where does he live?

Hippo is a mammal and semi-aquatic mammal.” In sub-Saharan Africa lives in called. Sub-Saharan Africa South of the Saharan desert. The Hippo lives on the edge of the lake and the river. It is rumored evolutionary history that happened 54 million years ago. It is assumed that whales are related with Hippo evolutionary.

Information about the hippopotamus

Hippo may have a weight of 4 tons and a length of 5 meters. The legs are short and chubby. Look like a big barrel. It looks cute, although the hippopotamus is not very docile. Hippo jaw is very wild. Canines up to 50 cm around and is used during a fight is very dangerous.

Hippo in the water who spent most of his life in a mammal. Slippery surfaces the feet will move freely in water because they live in such a way that over time evolved. 4-toed feet can walk without sliding through.

The Hippo’s eyes, ears and nostrils on the head. In this way, you can easily observe while standing around the water cooler. South of the Sahara Desert live in very hot climates to stay cool since they spend most of the day like 18 hours here. When the sun comes out to find food out of the water.

Hippo can live 40-45 years. To date the longest living hippopotamus has lived for 65 years.

Hippo and short legs with bulky appearance may seem to slow. However, they can run 48 miles an hour per hour.

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What do hippos eat?

Do you know what Hippo eat? Although it looks Wild is a vegetarian so only eat plants. You may visualise that their giant carnivorous canine teeth, but the plants are fed with hippos by the water’s edge. Can walk 5 km to find food. The plants will break his teeth with his lips, not with the hippos. Despite the giant’s body, that live in the water constantly and they still get filled up with 80 kg. Because they don’t need so much food consumes more energy.

Hippo jaws can be opened how?

Hippo jaws can be opened to 150 degrees. Yes, you heard wrong. The Hippo can open his mouth full 150 degrees.

The teeth of hippopotamus weighs 3 kilograms each.

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Why does the Hippo live in water?

The hippopotamus spends a large part of life in the water. Do you know why? Because prevents the sweating of the skin of the hippopotamus. For this reason, the skin dries easily when exposed to air. This is not good. To prevent drying of the skin of the day for 18 hours they spend in the water and emerge when the sun disappeared.

Hippo calf, what is it?

Hippo baby in the womb for 8 months after being born. They give birth to generally a single pup. Hippo calf, what is it? Correct answer: a calf. Yes Hippo calf cows or calf as it is called.

Hippo, puppy by mom until the age of 7-8 is maintained. Puppy for 18 months then suckled the Mother Hippo does not require you to actually. However, mother doesn’t leave the Hippo Cub until the age of 7-8.

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