Information about the race of Molossus ?

molossus - Information about the race of Molossus ?

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The most seasoned data about this canine breed, antiquated Greek researchers Aristotle BC of the period. Composed 350 years in the historical backdrop of the creatures that are situated in titled. A few artists who lived in Ancient Rome BC. Verse written in the 20 years between 30 A.D. this race is said. Despite the fact that a modest number, which achieved today antiquated Dog statues and reliefs, BC. Molossus known to exist a long time since the race gives thought regarding the physical appearance of us.

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In old circumstances, these mutts live in the district of Southern Europe and the Balkans, they are fairly substantial, in light of their quality and fearlessness, in the Battle bekcilik in insurance of the group, chasing, they are utilized as a part of battle, and pendulous ears, short nose, overwhelming bones, coarse structure, and a solid neck with a considerable measure of the present Mastiff breeds short, we realize what they resembled. Particularly amid the Roman Empire, one of these pooches was utilized as a weapon of war, and the vanquished were exchanged to each region.Therefore, despite the fact that the race will be wiped from the substance of the earth molossus, the puppies of the shepherd races, which still exist today with a considerable lot of the immense and intense hereditary precursor is viewed as.

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