Ingrown hair causes and treatment

kil donmesi nedir - Ingrown hair causes and treatment

Males females we usually know everything about it is the problem of ingrown hairs;


Severed from the body by finding a way of getting under the skin hairs or hair hairball formation as a result of ingrown hairs . In the language of Medicine, “pilonidal sinus” or“pilonidal cyst” formation in the ingrown hairs usually called in conjunction with the coccyx more common in men condition.

kil donmesi nedir - Ingrown hair causes and treatment

Severed from the body hairs or the hair, sweat glands that are found in the hairball gives rise to the formation of microscopic holes through entering the inside. Usually ingrown hairs in men aged 15-30 common. After the age of 40, results in a reduction in the incidence of the disease due to thickening of the skin. The coccyx is usually common in ingrown hairs,underarms, face and in the belly button is observed.



The main reason for ingrown hairs is poured from the body and the hair are made. After a shower, thoroughly dried, and need to pay much attention to personal cleanliness. At the same time use the car for a long time, reaching out to sit, sitting, back and forth movements of the tail pipes build up and shed hairs like kaykilmak the risk of ingrown hair triggers.

The skin is constantly wet under the skin of the hair to remain strong and enables us to enter more easily. For this reason the risk of ingrown hairs are more likely in people who have sweating problems. Under the skin hair in the skin because of sweat softened the transition easier. Obesity as with any disease, plays an effective role in ingrown hairs. Obesity is motionless one of the main factors of the problem. Immobility and driving a car for a long time plays a role in triggering situations such as ingrown hairs.

Skin types vary in the risk of ingrown hairs varying from person to person. To wear tight clothes because it causes the skin such as sweating helps get under the skin of the hair.



  • Redness and irritation in the skin
  • Despite remaining in the body being shaved bristles
  • Itching

kil donmesi tedavisi - Ingrown hair causes and treatment


Ingrown hairs the only treatment is surgery. Any cream or medication treatment to be used in the sense of a result won’t give. The most widely used method is a method that is called micro sinusektomi ingrown hairs. Thanks to this method, the operation gives results in 10 minutes. After the operation, the patient can continue to do their usual daily work. However, full recovery varies between 2 weeks and 2 months.


kil donmesi ameliyati - Ingrown hair causes and treatment


  • The positive results of the treatment after surgery the most important thing that need to be made on behalf of hygiene. Constantly on the operated area should be kept cleanand must be free from feathers. For this, depilatory creams can be used.
  • Underwear should be replaced regularly and the surgical areas should not be allowed to remain moist.
  • After the surgery, the patient in taking a shower there is no harm. But after the shower the body, and in particular of the surgical area should not be moist.
  • After the surgery you stay still for a long time doesn’t mean you sit down is not a repeat of the discomfort. Avoid reoccurrence of the disease, you should not stand in the same position for long periods.
  • Inactivity is not only related to the occurrence of a condition at the same time. Of the region will remain moist and the occurrence of disease causes.


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