Iron-Rich Foods

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Iron is the most necessary and beneficial nutrients for our body. 5 food required to meet your body’s iron needs…

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1. White Beans

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The benefits of beans are endless. But the most prominent benefits, beans karsilayabileceg your iron needs. One of the reasons of the beans to ensure the emergence of stored iron in the water. Beans which are rich in protein and inorganic salts, prevent heart attack, and helps to strengthen the bone structure.


2. Offal

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Offal is a food very rich in terms of iron. In fact, offal such as heart, kidney, liver, and tongue are also rich in iron.


3. Cereal

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We consume cornflakes at breakfast while dieting, especially, contains plenty of iron to keep us refreshed all day.


4. Egg Yolk

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The yolk of a large egg on average 6 mg. iron contains. This is also your body provides the energy needs for the day. Also it is very necessary for our body, the proteins in egg yolks.


5. Spinach

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Most iron containing vitamin C at the same time an increased risk of having Yesil leafy spinach contains 15 mg iron 1 that hosts container. It improves the strength of the body, and the spinach gives strength to body. When troubleshooting your fatigue, strengthens the mind

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