Irreversible Risk In Cologne

983 - Irreversible Risk In Cologne

For cleaning we use of methyl alcohol in the Cologne to cool off and poses a serious danger to the brain.

983 300x145 - Irreversible Risk In Cologne

Some manufacturers ethyl alcohol instead of toxic chemicals is not free from methyl alcohol by using in the head to the brain, lungs, and skin causing serious problems.

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CHEAP don’t run
‘Ethanol’ is used in colognes quality free from toxic chemicals called alcohol. Completely unrefined toxic chemicals, carrying and methyl alcohols, are preferred especially in cheap cologne. The rate of production to reduce the cost of the alcohol in Cologne is reduced. Most Lemon cologne is being implemented. A good lemon Cologne 80 degrees, 60 degrees it is recommended that in the smell.

In the skin the brain and cause serious problems
in daily life and on special occasions, we frequently use the substances in our body through the respiratory and skin easily fall in Cologne. Colognes made from methyl alcohol the brain, lungs and skin from damage. Of cheap cologne can turn to the problems that are caused irreversible problems.

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USE water instead of COLOGNE
of Cologne, the experts warns that it should not be used as a cleaning product. Especially not washing hands after using the toilet should be used instead of a cologne. The property of destroying bacteria are more likely to Cologne the water. Contrary to experts, colognes bacteria that sticks to the skin says.

Keep away from children
which is quite harmful to the cell through respiration produced from methyl alcohol, it kills thousands of cheap colognes. In children because it can lead to large losses for yourself and your children avoid the use of cheap colognes.

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Destroys the perception of smell
Especially for giving more importance to any kind of product, inhaling the smell of women they fail. Experts cleaned the inside of the colon with the effect of cheap alcohol can damage the sense of smell has not been the topic that draws attention.

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