Causes Jaws To Drop, And Ways Of Prevention

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Is a joint disease that can occur in dire consequences if left untreated with this disease get to know.

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The parts that make up the jaw joint TMJ disorder, is revealed as incompatible with acting.This disease of the jaw, can cause severe pain in the head and neck. Also can lead to difficulty in eating and even speaking. The most important point is also treatment of TMJ may cause the jaw to come out of that place.

TMJ experts beating the shit out of a door meander. For TMJ as a result of the incompatible parts of the act is emerging. The sound from the TMJ joint A, has a negative impact on a person’s social life. Within that society, even to eat can become a grind for people.

In fact, with timely treatment, get rid of this disease, it can. However, when not treated in time requires to be treated with serious surgical interventions.

What Causes TMJ Disorder?

Patients neurological, structural, vascular, hormonal and metabolic features. this can cause discomfort in addition, while the rear loss of teeth, hypothyroidism, and diseases such as psoriasis are also other reasons that trigger this disease. Stress also triggers the disease that is another reason. If you live a stressful life for the patient, and this is due to stress, constantly clenched his teeth together, squeezing himself if this face, can cause muscle cramps in the head and neck. Then TMJ disorders emerges.

What Are The Symptoms?

– It may sound from the joint

– Shift of the lower jaw when the mouth is opened right and left

– Mouth opening kisitlik live

– Tinnitus can be

– While eating may be severe pain in the joints

Jaw movements may be coordination disorder

What Should I Do For Protection?

– Be careful not to open mouth too much

– Bites bitten with the front teeth should not be very large

– Chewing gum should not be

– You shall lie down on your back

– Zone should be kept warm

– Nuts should not be broken with out

– Chewing hard foods should not be

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