Is It Dangerous To Swallow Gum?

Is It Dangerous To Swallow Gum - Is It Dangerous To Swallow Gum?

Each child is a subject of the elders to stimulate the gum. What happens to language in the act of swallowing extremely false rumors from walking. What is true? Is it dangerous to swallow gum?

In my childhood my mother if we swallows chewing gum, if I was told that I could become stuck in my lungs, and as a result no longer chew gum I don’t.

Our mothers tell us to keep from swallowing gum produce disaster scenarios, and swallow those sweet little things that could have bad consequences for us would indicate.

Well, is this true? Here is the response;

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Gum, humanity, democracy was discussing. The tree gum resins was used as the Greeks.We are currently breaking by a dentist found modern chewing gum.

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Gum tree resin to produce on a mass scale would have meant the end of the trees that had to be cut. For this reason, this old-fashioned place, synthetic rubber, and artificial sweeteners. Today chewing gum is not natural, because after swallowing the body system and how path will follow that of the digestive system and how it will be affected than it is unknown. But don’t be afraid!

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Our bodies are powerful machines that can fight even most harmful challenge. Like all other foods of your body when you swallow gum, will be taken out by way of the feces. But this doesn’t mean it’s not still a danger!

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A large amount of gum at a time, blocking the passage of your esophagus to chew and swallow regular food, and difficult to breathe, or even directly close. Therefore it is dangerous to chew and swallow a large amount of gum at a time.

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CONCLUSION: if this were to happen, one of the horror stories about gum, this gum it’s not, it is your fault.

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